ZSketchbook rudymassar

Hi all,
I thought I take this opportunity to open a sketchbook and start by posting a portrait I made for the beta 4R2B (sounds like a droid from Star-Wars).
It’s a version of rock legend Gene Simmons (bass) from “the hottest band in the world” Kiss. The head model doesn’t really resemble Gene Simmons, but it is clear that with make-up, long tongue, wild hair and pony tail, it is the demon from Kiss. :slight_smile:
I’ve rendered a potrait and an “in concert” version, using a simple LightCap light set-up (not the background image was used as HDRI source).
FiberMesh… man that was fun. It’s really quick and responsive. I run ZBrush on an early 2009 iMac and it handled the fibers real smooth. The GroomBrushes are so much fun too and during the beta lots of new cool GroomBrushes where added. Just like more other cool new features Pixologic gave us for free… again :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks everyone at Pixologic, especially Ofer for being a genius and Paul for being the best help.





Wonderful … thanks for sharing! Cheers, David :smiley:

Nice sculpting! Love the hair! Can’t wait to try out Fibermesh!

Hahaha, Great images and sculpts!!

haha:laughing: i dont know but this pic made me laugh loud, love the expression, great sculpt:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

pure awesomeness… Kiss rock’d the house back in the day…

Awesome result… impresive man!!!

Great man! Fibermesh and Kiss rocks!!!:+1:

Awesome sculpt Rudy-> the great fiber results never cease to amaze me -> you said it : work of a genius and a great team :cool:!

even without hair and makeup, that face is awesome. Inspiring work, thank you so much for sharing :slight_smile:

Awesome hair! great work!

Excellent! :+1:

chalkman Thanks, happy to share
Derek Frenzo Thanks and yeah it’s really fun. It can keep you busy for hours
Bas Mazur Dankjewel
Silo Thanks. Glad it put a smile on your face.
bipolar Thanks, Oh yes they did.
LapsusMental Thanks for the nice words.
Maxter …and Roll, even it’s been over 30 years. Thanks.
Etcher Thanks Geert. It’s unbelievable the Pixo team give us such great tools over and over.
Framedworld Hey Matthew thanks!
SolidSnakexxx Thanks man, appreciate it!
asecbrush Thanks

That is awesome! :slight_smile:
Can’t think of many reasons to leave Zbrush any more :slight_smile:


wow man. amazing

Great work on Gene, love the result!!! keep it up my friend!

Santis Thanks for the compliment. I can’t think of non actually; artistically and technically it changed the way characters (and more) are created today.

earthtriber Thanks!

negativecitizen Appreciated

mutte696 Hey Maarten, thanks buddy. Hope you’re doing well.

It’s been a while since my last update but here are two snapshots of a chihuahua protecting his boss. Though, I’m not sure if he needs to :wink:
Sculpted and rendered in ZBrush, composed in Photoshop.



Haha, sweet Chihuahua, super funny and great sculpts;)