Zsketch book

I thought it’d be a good idea to practice some zsketching. It should help increase my speed and skill level.

I’ll aim at doing at least one sketch every day.

Tips and critique are welcome.

Here is my first z sketch from a cube.
50 min

It’s kazuya Mishima from the Tekken games.

Great start! looking forward to seeing your progress! :+1:

Day 2

This is the first time I try to model a Bull.

24 minutes from a cube, with a few thumbnail sketches I did for reference.

The human head looks OK but the bull is pretty cool! I love seeing quick Z sketches!

A second one for today.

Again, started from a cube, and I’m doing all these without reference. Maybe a quick 6 second sketch like for the bull.

This one took a little over an hour. I found a better way to sculpt the eyes. If you notice, I was having a little trouble on the first two.

I’ve noticed that Human heads take me longer because I tend to focus a little more on the details.

I toned down the perspective camera for this one. The first head has too much of a fisheye look to it.

Turntable render


Great work!
Simple and expressive like sketches!!


Thank you

Did a small tweak to the profile of the bull.

Longer face, a more bumpy transition from the bridge of the nose to the nostrils and a few other nitpicks.


Today’s zsketch, went for a full body this time :D.

I’ve been wanting to model Sabertooth for years!

Took me around 7 hours total, including building the base mesh in max and base colors with polypaint.

No reference was used.





Some close up shots.




Today’s head!

I’m making a full body with this one, work on a different part every day till it’s done.

can you tell who it is?

The base mesh I made in 3Dmax for this one is pretty detailed. I mainly used Zbrush to tweak and sharpen shapes.

This one took a long time to make the base mesh for the full body, but the actual sculpting was like 20 minutes.


Bruce Lee?


You win :smiley:

I really like the sculpt on Sabertooth.

The texturing and rendering of the body suit works really well with the clay rake effect! I could see this model used on a comic book cover with very little post-processing. However, the face hair and fur would need some work or some over-painting.

Thank you, glad you like it.

I agree, the hair / fur didn’t come out very good. went too crazy with the rake and didn’t spend enough time on those parts ingeneral.

Well, this one is going much slower. I’m trying to make it look like the real person.

I can tell I need to work on speed with likeness.

Spent about an hour and a half on the torso, mainly on the front. Still doesn’t look quite right…

I’m kind of disappointed but like the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

When it’s done, I’m going to have him do the lat spread from return of the dragon. That was incredible, when I first saw it. It looked like he transformed. :eek:

I made a couple Zscripts. Kind of stumbled a few times along the way, but check it if you like. Each one is somewhere under 20 min…I think. I wasn’t timing them.

First is an ear, the second is an alien head.





And a 3rd one for today

Playing around with zspheres a little bit.

Took a little over an hour.


This is getting to be one of my favorite threads. Keep going. I can see your getting a firm grip on how to use Z3. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thank you

I love this program, and since I started doing these sketches I look forward to the next one every day.

I’m trying to nail this stuff down too ( quality and speed ), because I need to get some work in this field. I want to have a strong portfolio and demo reel done soon.

Last time I went to an interview, I was told my work was on the weak side. I agree now looking back, but that was a while ago, so… hopefully things will change.

we’ll see…