Zscript to toggle button (with no subtools)

Ok simple thing I want to script

[ISet,Tool:Tool:Export:Grp, 0]

…because, err who wouldn’t want thet .OBJ files in one piece?

But my question is this: how do I set that as an initial set-up script that sets said export button, without having to load a tool, then set the state of the button and then be unable to delete the tool that was just created.


Sword of omens, give me insight beyond insight! Hoooooooooooooooo!

That option includes polygroups in the OBJ. It does not split the OBJ into separate objects. If you turn it off, you just get a single polygroup.

It also is per tool/subtool. Turning it off at start up is largely pointless as you will need to turn it off again every time you select a different tool.

That’s not true. I want to set it off by default - why? because I’ll forget otherwise and freak out when I look at my OBJs as a spaghetti string of polys and then not remember why they ended up looking like that.

I’ll find a way and rest easy!

As I said, you can’t “turn it off by default” because it is set for each subtool or tool. You can test this by loading the DemoSoldier. Turn off “Grp” for the first subtool. If you then select the next subtool you’ll see that “Grp” is on.

What you can do is record a macro doing this:

  1. Turning off “Grp”
  2. Pressing the Export button. (You can cancel the dialog.)

Save the macro and then use it instead of the Tool>Export button every time you want to export something.

See, I knew I’d figure it out in the end :wink:
Thanks, Marcus.

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