ZScript to select "dismiss warning until restart"

Is there a way to script the clicking of the “dismiss until restart” when the warning pops up?

I was thinking of creating a macro that went through and selected each of the types of alternate/modifier brushes so it could quickly clear out the warnings for each one. I tried recording the macro and it worked for selecting the brushes but wasn’t able to record the actions for getting rid of the warning.

I thought this might be a good way to quickly handle all the warnings for the brushes when I start the program.

Sadly this isn’t possible. In this context, it’s only possible to simulate an ‘Enter’ keypress through zscript and for those warnings this results in cancelling the action.

It’d be nice if Zbrush had an option to turn these warnings off for advanced users.

Thanks for letting me know. I’m starting to figure out that if you do a search of the forum and don’t see some kinda of variant of what you want to do, chances are ZScript won’t be able to do it.

Mental Frog-
Before posting my question I was emailing with Pixologic support on a suggestion ticket I submitted about warnings and adding a preference to disable the brush ones. As usual, support with the company is GREAT and I’m still surprised that they take time to really work with you on stuff - even a suggestion. Unfortunately, the warnings will be around a while I guess. As I understand it, all the warnings are bound together and it would take a complete overhaul of that system in the program to be able to add the ability to turn some of them off permanently. I can see why it’s not an easy addition for one of the upgrades but it’s still regrettable. Those brush warnings are annoying and if you’re recovering from a crash and they show up, it really adds to the frustration.