ZScript Command Reference - ZBrush 4


The latest version of the ZScript Command Reference is now available. This is essential reading for all Zscripters and includes commands new to ZBrush 4.

ZScript is ZBrush’s built-in scripting language. It provides a way to automate common or repetitive tasks as well as add new functionality to ZBrush. It’s the language behind zscript recordings, tutorials, macros and plugins.

Writing zscripts can be both rewarding and fun, and you don’t need any specialist knowledge to get started. All the necessary information is now on the Wiki, with introductory documentation and sample zscripts, as well as the command reference :

Happy ZScripting! :slight_smile:

Coolness. Thanks for the heads up Marcus. :+1:

Hey Guys I planning to start Zscripting but Sadly the link above seems to be broken, is there a new webpage for the new Zbrush4???

Try this: