Zscript 2 language Syntax file for TextPad and UltraEdit

For all you Z-Scriptors out there!

Here’s are ZBrush2 Script Syntax Definition files for TextPad and UltraEdit. They will provide syntax highlighting in 6/7 colors. 5/6 of them, catagories of commands, and 1 for non-command keywords, like Tool. In multiple colors, ZScripts are much less intimidating.

They are ascii files, so maybe somebody at the ZBC could take it and break it down further for a proper catagory list, even if it’s not used as a syntax file, but if you write scripts or are interested in trying them out, having the syntax highlighted is the way to go.

If you haven’t heard of Textpad or UltraEdit, and you use Notepad instead, time to take a look at them.
TextPad is a free shareware plain text editor, and has HUGE support for many languages, and will syntax highlight them. It’s vast library of syntax files is awesome.
UltraEdit is even better, but not free. Designed for programmers. It lets you navigate text in many ways, and provides a cool auto-complete feature.
In both you can also open up several files at once, and many other cool things.


Now, there’s a nice idea!

I’ve been using Arachnophilia’s editor and was about to get the upgrade (totally freeware) with the idea of creating a syntax highlighter file for it.

I’ve heard good things about Textpad and I think I’ll give it a test. Maybe time to change horses…

Thanks GM for the file and the heads-up!


Thank you…but i use UltraEdit editor…
I’ll see if i can convert it :slight_smile:
What i wish is a RAD for develop zscript.


Arachnophilia is junk, compaired to TextPad. UltraEdit, on the other hand is awesome stuff, but not free. If someone can make an UltraEdit version of my syntax file, that would be cool.

UltraEdit has come a long way, since I last reviewed it. If I happen to get it, i’ll make the corosponding syntax file.


After re-evaluating UltraEdit, I’m sold. :smiley: Unlike Textpad, it’s not for everyone, it’s probably too advanded for some non - programmers/scriptors. For me, it’s perfect, and making a syntax file for it, using what I did for Textpad turned out to be quite easy.

The original link and post, now reflect the addition of Ultraedit syntax. :+1:

Wow, GM - you sure have a way with words!

Thanks for putting me in my place. :slight_smile:


<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Thanks for putting me in my place. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Re-reading my post, the word ‘junk’ is a bit harsh. sorry about that.

I strongly feel that when it comes to software, the bar is at the best you can find for free. Having anything less, is silly. Good free software is rare, Textpad and Mozilla are bar holders in thier area, IMO. (the best of the free) A newcommer to those ranks is Blender3D. Opensource OGL 3d engine and application.

Thanks for the syntax list :+1: Might give all the above applications a go.

There is also the Zscript Editor by Keith Athaide. It has crashed once or twice on me using Windows XP but in earlier windows versions it worked very well. Make sure you have English(US) keyboard set when using it, it crashes consistently when I have Danish keyboard settings.

Strong feelings are good. Make them work for you.


ps. Anyway, thanks for the tip on UltraEdit. Cameyo has mentioned it before but I never checked it out. I just DLed the .zip and will give it a try. thanks, too, for your quick conversion of the .syn file - I tried it out in Textpad, which was ok… but I suspect there’s lots more meat in UltraEdit. :+1:

Hi TV,

I tried Keith’s editor a while back and liked the features, but it crashed once too often and I abandoned it. I had always hoped it would reappear in a new version.


for both editors, make sure each of the sections is a different color. both textpad and UltraEdit didn’t make unique colors for all sections. it’s easy enough in both.

If you want meat on the bones, I’d say, UltraEdit. A few years back the only difference between the 2 was that Ultraedit did hex code better, and they wanted $$. They still want $$, but now it’s worth it.
I’m just getting back into it today, but I can tell you some features that you can use in UltraEdit. (for z-scripting)

<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>collasping text - hide all that stuff you don’t want to look at anymore
<LI>auto complete feature - both user defined varibles and syntax highlighted keywords can be auto adjusted
<LI>folder browser with filter - isolate those TXT script files
<LI>function finding - based on a definition, list the areas you want to jump to. i provided for “RountineCall”, but you can add more like IButton if you like.
<LI>navigation history - beyond the usual bookmarks, all visited lines are in history, and you can go back or forward.

Although Textpad is not as advanced, it has tons of support. Much more than UltraEdit. Almost all syntaxs are available for it, as well as dictionaries, add-ons, and languages.

Thank you GM770, i like TextPad, but EltraEdit is far superior (RegEx, Advanced Column mode, huge file edit, macros…).
Thank you for your syntax file.


Thanks GameMaster-

Checking this out now. Been looking for something more robust than notepad. :slight_smile:


Thanks for bringing this back up Ryan,

I was looking all over for it a couple days ago!!

With UltraEdit this really makes coding easy. Having used it for a while I can’t think how I got by without syntax highlighting. :+1:

How is suppose to use your Syntax ZScript list, can you show me with an example?
Thanks friend in advance¡

I’ll send you a message about this as soon as I have a moment!