Zremesher on thin geometry

Hi guys,

I am working on the model of a tree that I cleaned up from a Lidar scan. It has lots of thin branches, and it’s about 800000 polygons. Topology is not bad, but it needs to be rigged, so I wanted to remesh it, however no matter what settings I try, I always lose the thin branches.

I can’t even reproject the details, because the silohuette is completely messed up after remeshing it. Any ideas? I tried inflating the branches, but it stills breaks them (they get shorter and lose sharpness).


Hello @Giancarlog ,

When you reduce polycount you’re going to lose detaiI. When remeshing a high poly mesh, ZRemesher is usually only the first step in the process that requires detail projection in order to project the detail from the previous state of the mesh to another. While I don’t have much information here, if your mesh is such that it cannot be successfully ZRemeshed at any target poly count without losing structural detail, you may have to manually retopologize that mesh, or at least those sections of the mesh.

Things to try:

  1. Increase the target polygon count to the Max.
  2. Try deactivating “Adaptive” mode. It may produce different results.
  3. Try using the “Use Polypaint” feature to paint areas of greater polygon density on the mesh so more polygons will be delivered to these areas, capturing more detail.

If all else fails, you can manually retopologize the problem areas of the mesh, and let ZRemesher retopologize the bulk of the mesh where there is no trouble.

Good luck!

Hi @Spyndel,

Yeah, I guess I’m gonna have to manually retopo it, cause I already tried all the other options.

I had never dealt before with zremeshing thin geometries, so I didn’t know if I was doing something wrong.

Thanks for your help!