ZRemesher - How do I retain mesh integrity on narrow geometry?

Hi All
I’m trying to remesh geometry that has narrow strand sections coming from it.
Almost at the first remesh pass the stands are starting to lose integrity and I cant get close to the poly count that I need without the stands disappearing/separating by the the third or fourth remesh pass.
I’ve tried a combination settings, (adapt, Keep groups, etc) but I get the same issue each time.
Am I asking too much of ZRemesher or can anyone offer some tips that will allow me to remesh and keep the strands?
Here’s an example of what I mean, before and after remeshing.

Hello @Garbage_Matt ,

There may be something odd with the geometry at some of those areas. Prior to ZRemeshing, zoom in closely there and use the smooth brush to relax the geometry so you can get a look at it. Be on the lookout for for stray polygroups or awkward topology. Make sure all the geometry is welded. Remember that ZRemesher does not fuse geometry.

This is a reasonably complicated form with delicate features. It will require a high target polycount at least the first pass. I recommend setting the Target polycount to max, and using Keep Groups. But turn the “Smooth Groups Border” slider to zero and see if that produces more accurate results.

Then again relax and examine the geometry at those intersections to look for any strange polygrouping.

Perform subsequent ZRemeshes set to “Half” and try to correct any issues as they pop up. Moving the adaptive slider to the maximum end of the slider will prioritize maintaining form at the expense of more extreme topology being created. Lowering the slider to the minimum side will prioritize more even polygon distribution. One of these approaches may work better than the other.

Reduce it by half as many times as you can until ZRemesher can no longer maintain the form. Those are very delicate features, and they may begin to break down long before the rest of the model. Touch ups may be necessary. You could use a the Inflate brush set to a low intensity to restore volume any place you start to lose it.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much for your considered reply Spyndel

I am starting with a dynamesh object so I’m hoping that non-welded points can be ruled out.
I’ll explore the other options you’ve suggested as see if I can improve the results. They all make sense.

Thanks again