zplugins or other way for manage "selected orientation"

Does anyone know if there is any zplugins or other way for manage “selected orientation” tool(in picker menu) during the workflow?:
i mean,it would be very useful in my opinion if i could set the manual orientaion stroke with a n hot key (like for example the draw size) :in this way i would need to find it in the space bar menu for example.This would give me the possibility to select immediatly a particular orientation of the stroke that i need and then come back to the mouse down orientation or the continuous one.Also if this topic is of interest i would ask if this is the right place in the forum for that.
Any suggestion about that?
Thankyou very much!Bye!

The simplest way to achieve what you want is to assign a hotkey to the Picker palette. It will then pop up at the cursor when you hit the hotkey and you can easily make your adjustments:

  1. Drag the Picker palette so that it docks in the tray either side of the interface. This means it will stay open and you can assign the hotkey.
  2. Hold Ctrl+Alt and click on the title of the palette (the word ‘Picker’), then assign the hotkey you want to use.

Once you’ve assigned the hotkey you can remove the palette from the tray. Make sure you store the new hotkey (Preferences>Hotkeys>Store) before closing ZBrush.



Yes marcus_civis,that is true.But the cool thing would be if the rotationable picker of the selected orientation would appear just where the cursor is.Like when you press s in the presets hotkeys to change the size of the brush…May be there is a plug in for this or may be i shoud dontact pixologic for asking about that ?..Bye!

But the method I suggest does that - as near as makes no difference. If you want only the orientation picker then you can create a custom menu and assign a hotkey to that:



That’s right.Thanks a lot!