ZPlugin with C#

Well, you were right (again). :smiley:

Took the time to implement most of the changes you suggested (The install button is not there yet, but it will be before the end of the week).

So I came back to this post just to say thanks once more and to tell you that it worked, and that it would not have got this far (actually, it would not have got anywhere) whithout your help.

I’ll create a new thread on the ZTools forum and see if I can get a few testers, and will sleep a little, for a change.

Thanks a lot!


Great! And no problem. :slight_smile:

Hey this is awsome.
Some info on how to create the C++ wrapper would be greatly appreciated.

Also would this work with mono dlls ?

Would like to try and pull this off on in Xcode (Mac).
My c++ is not good, but c# is good.