Zmodeler qmesh qns

Got two qns about qmesh:

  1. how do i get a group of flat surface to move a cube distance back?
    for example :
    if i get a single face to move back, it was working.

However, if i get a group of faces to move, i got some distortion.

how to overcome this without painstakingly moving the qmesh to the next lower level?


I need to push back a single face or a group of faces in a single mouse move. Can that be done instead of tapping on the faces again and again to repeat that action?

Hello @Procrastinator ,

In some cases yes, in other cases no. It depends on your topology.

If all of the polys you are trying to push inward have reference edges to snap to, then yes, you can move them all at the same time. The reason why you cant do this with some of the polys in your scenario, is that the inner polygons have no interior edges to snap to. If you were to isolate the 4 interior polygons on the face of that cube and attempt to push them in, the only edges QMesh sees to snap to are on the other side of the cube. You would have to collapse the polygons in an order that provides an edge for subsequent polygons to snap to.

Also, once you establish the depth you want to collapse the polygons to, Qmesh will remember this, and execute the same operation by simply clicking on additional polygons. This can be done extremely quickly, but is still subject to the limitations described above.

So in the following example, I have Qmeshed a single polygon on the edge of the cube where it has clear edges to snap to. This creates very even, expected results. If you simply click on any other polygons where the same conditions are true, it will collapse them to the same depth. In this case, I can select the entire ring of edge polygons and collapse them to the same depth with a single click. However, if I try to include those interior polygons at this point, QMesh won’t have edges to reference for all the polygons, and your results will be uneven.

This leaves a cluster of 4 polygons in the center. Try to collapse them all at once and it wont work, but three of the polygons can be collapsed cleanly, creating a reference for the final polygon to snap to.

If you enable “Multi-sides by brush” you can achieve different results.

Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:



I was curious about this so I played around a bit. Got something to work but I’m sure it’s case specific and your cube may only be a test case.

Anyway for the cube I set QMesh Target to Single Poly Align Full Step. The Step Alignment is important. What follows won’t work otherwise. Then moved a corner as per @Spyndel 's advice. Then used ALT-painting to select any other collection of top face polys, checkerboard, corners only, interior 4 faces, whatever and did a single tap on them to repeat the previous QMesh action. All selected polys snapped down to the same plane.

Another method was to keep the Qmesh Alignment default but change the Modifier Step Size to 0.25. I guessed the first row of topology is 1/4 of the object size. Anyway then ALT-paint a “single” poly selection as before and QMesh. All move down one quarter step regardless of the selection. Didn’t need to Qmesh the corner first. Could do a checkboard, four corner or four interior faces.

Have fun. Cheers.

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I did some more tests after both replies. And figured that it has something to do with Geometry>>size after watching a joseph tutorial (cant remember which video though). Qmesh doesnt seem to like the size too small. I had to bump to size 2 after initialized to a 4x4x4 cube. So for a rectangle shape object, i had to make sure the minimal side is at least size 2 for it to function correctly.

The stepsize of 0.25 worked perfectly, much better than the “multi step by brush”.

Much thanks to SPYNDEL and TOBOR8MAN for spending time and helping.