Zmodeler Point action stitch error?

Hello ZBrush guys.
I found some weird error when I was using Zmodeler point action stitch.
As you may see attached pictures, I tried stitch two point vertices.
So these points were stitched to weld as I wanted. However, other point vertices, which I do not want, were also stitched.
Anybody had a same experience like this?
This happended on ZBrush version 2021.6.2.

Thank you and best regards,


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Hi @marb

Try lowering this value:
Preferences > Geometry > ZModeler Welding Tolerance .

I think ZModeler isn’t looking at the verts you’re creating or manipulating exclusively, but rather at all the points of current subtool. (I’m not sure why either).
The higher that value is the more verts ZModeler will merge like that.

If you work on huge subtools you’ll probably need this value to be higher for ZModeler to properly weld some of the points it creates when you perform some actions.

I hope this helps (and I hope it’s right :smiley: , please correct me if I’m wrong)

Many big thanks for you Rafalz. I did ignored these. I said to myself I need to read and understand more of documentation.

So from your advice, I demonstrated again similar mesh.
Compared tolerance 1 and 100 by extreme parameter for easy understanding visually, I got results as attached pictures.

As documentation said, this " The tolerance works in conjunction with the scale of the model. " This scale matter should be careful when we tweak topology with zmodeler brush.

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For my memo, I just excerpt “preference > geometry” text:
If redundant, sorry!

Preference Geometry

Zmodeler Welding Tolerance
Zmodeler Welding Tolerance
The Zmodeler Welding Tolerance will control the tolerance of vertex snapping when using the Zmodeler brush. For example, when using Insert Multiple Edgeloop option. The tolerance works in conjunction with the scale of the model.
Button path: Preference:Geometry:Zmodeler Welding Tolerance

DynaMesh Close Holes
Dynamesh Close Holes Mode (0=None, 1=Large Tris, 2=Large Tris+Projection, 3=Small Tris, 4=default=Small Tris+Projection, 5=Faster Small Tris+Projection)
The UI Dynamesh Close Holes slider controls if Dynamesh will close any open holes of the Tool and what size the triangles will be when the hole is close.
Button path: Preference:Geometry:Dynamesh Close Holes

Mesh Close Hole
The Mesh Close Hole Mode
(1=Large Tris, 2=Large Tris+Projection, 3=default=Small Tris, 4=Small Tris+Projection)
Mesh Close Hole slider controls how holes will be closed when the Close Hole button is pressed in the Tool>Geometry sub-palette.
Button path: Preference:Geometry:Mesh Close Holes

Curve Close Holes
Curve Close Holes Mode
(1==Small Tris, 2==default=Small Tris+Projection)
The Curve Close Holes slider will control if any of the CurceFill brushes will project after being applied.
Button path: Preference:Geometry:Curve Close Holes

That helped. Thanks!
Btw this tool shouldn’t behave like this. It should do what it is supposed to do - just stitch two points.

Yeah, on newer versions of Zbrush i get problems because of this, my workflow consists of sculpting a dynamesh object(sketch), retopo, sculpt it without thickness and divide, once the model is done, remember the division number, go to highest level and delete lower subdivisions, zmodeler extrude, add edgeloops on thickness depending on the subdivision level and reconstruct the subdivisions.
Well this workflow doesn’t work because either the Zmodeler extrude or the Zmodeler insert multiple edges does something and the reconstruction gives error but if i do the exact same thing in Maya and bring it back to Zbrush or do it in an older version of Zbrush like 4R8 for example the reconstruction works.
Something was done under the hood that kills this workflow, 4R8 doesn’t even have the welding tolerance in the Geometry tab and it can’t go bellow 1.