Zmodeler Bridge Two Connected Poly's not working!

(Ver 2021.6.6)
Attempting to bridge two connected poly’s does not create arc. The poly’s are connected but the connection remains flat to surface - UNLESS I attempt where one of the poly’s is located at an edge then it sort of works. Two images below show my settings and the various results I have been getting. This is very frustrating. I have used this successfully in the past and now it is not working. Any help?
[Edited to add screenshot showing what happens when I try to bridge to poly’s at 90 degrees to each other. NO option will produce a nice curved arch.]
Screenshot 2021-06-12 101224 Screenshot 2021-06-12 101317

Hi @lensman888

I get the same thing. It looks like it’s inverting the procedure somehow and it’s also doing it in version 2021.5. I think you will have to let Pixologic Support know so that they are aware of it. You can include a link to this topic.

Thanks. Good to know I’m not going crazy (well, craziER!) :laughing:

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Hello @lensman888

Align to Tangent is active. Please switch on “Align to Normal” and see if it addresses your issue.

Thank you!

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Well, what do you know - it worked… That is very surprising since I normally never even touch those boxes AND when I was looking through videos trying to solve this I came across the below video from Joseph Drust and you can clearly see that the bottom boxes are left at their default settings, including the Align to Tangent!


Thanks ! @Spyndel :+1:

@lensman888 ,

The geometry Jospeh was working with in that video will perform that way with tangent active. A cube with > 4 polygons on a side will not.

No, thank you!

Wow, are you serious?! That is very bizarre.

@lensman888 - I guess for a 2x2 cube the faces adjoining the two selected for bridging are by nature normal to the bridge faces so the bridge would in fact be tangent to them.

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