Ziva Lion


Ziva Lion

Creature TD - Andy van Straten - https://vimeo.com/user1708570
Animation - Paul Tempelman, Tony Wood
Modeling - Paulo Welter
This one was based on Tsavo lions as they have short fur which was convenient to show muscle simulations.
All modelling done in Zbrush and output in Maya. Creature TD work by Andy van Straten using ZIVA VFX.
While I was still working on the muscles, Andy was able to start the rigging process using a pre-existing muscle model of an elephant that I did previously.
No blend shapes or shot sculpting was done.
Thanks for watching!
For those more interested in the creature TD work, check out: http://zivadynamics.com/lion-project






Impressive work!


Amazing work

Animating anatomy is next level of sculpting. Amazing result.

Thanks everyone, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Ill pass your kind words along to the team.

Cheers, p.