ZIsolate Plugin

Hello guys,

Sometimes you need to select only some specific subtools … so this plugin can help you.
Its different to Solo-Mode because with this plugin you can isolate multiple subtools.

ZIsolate is a script for ZBrush , it isolate multi-subtools.


ZIsolate v2.0

Fixed in v2.0:

  • [Bug] Please not show! = when you clicked the “UnIsolate” the algorithm showed all subtools also the hidden subtools <— Fixed!
  • Some Bugs <– Fixed!


Just put the file in your ZStartup/ZPlugs or ZStartup/ZPlugs64 Folders


You can find this plugin below Tool Menu –> ZnetkingZPlugin


ZIsolate_v02.zip (2.2 KB)


Download : ZIsolate v.2.0


  • Pick: pick the subtools to isolate
  • Isolate: button to isolate subtools picked
  • UnIsolate: unisolate all subtools

Tricks and Tips:

All subtools has a ID , how you can isolate the subtool with ID = 0 (zero)?
Before you need to pick a second subtool that you want to isolate and after you can pick the sibtool with id = 0.