Zif Worm Version 5.0 (updated 5-26-05)

Finally got some time to get Zif Worm (see thread) working with Zbrush 2.0. There were a few folk creating some cool stuff.


Hehe I realized that my last version was 4.0, looks like we went backwards. Attached to this thread is the script and documentation. Please look over the old thread and examples in the documentation to get an idea of what you can do with it. I did not have time to update the graphics in the PDF but the operation is the same.

Have fun and feel free to ask questions and post some Worm Art

:warning:Update - Version 5.0 - 5-26-05 :warning:

Small update to fix a rotation error
Made the Position Menu more descriptive
Solidify the version number :slight_smile:

Here is something I whipped up getting the script together.


Ooo boy. Thank you! ZSpherealicious.

…of the conceptual artistic geometry :cool:

looks neat and usefull, thanks!

Fantastic stuff, thank you very much. :smiley:

Hey, Digits…

If George Lucas can do it, so can you!

Chapter 3: Revenge of the Worm

This is one of your best scripts… Not to mention, your WormWorks, some of my favorite art at ZBCentral.


Digits, you are one of the greatest:sunglasses: :+1: :+1:

This is another great script and a lot of fun! :+1: Thank you, I shall be making good use of this. And I really like your picture too. Great work. :slight_smile:

Digits, Thanks ,this looks like it is going to be a lot of fun to play with.
I love the image you did with it.

Very cool…Nice piece of work…

Yes! This is my favourite zscript of yours. Looking forward to creating something with this.

Thanks for the downgrade;)

THANKS! I wonder which Magic will be in Version 2 :smiley:


PS:There goes the Tuesday afternoon :cool:… I have to make something for my wife Bonnie or I will be hung on my mouse cable for not painting the Guest Room…:o

very nice!:eek:

How about a challenge where Zif Worm is used in the creation of representative pieces as opposed to abstracts.It would be fun to see the multi-various applications of this powerfull tool

Thanks to all for the feedback, I appreciate it.

Interesting challenge, I’d have to say that my Zif Click script lends itself better for actual Zsphere modelling but I would definitely be interested in seeing Zif Worm enter into new territory. The script actually got started from Pixolator’s texturing tutorial, which I think I linked to in the original thread. It can also the making of wires and tubes very easy and the connections between objects.

If you have some ideas why don’t you kick it off with an image, I will also try to come up with something.

Some of Juandel’s Tree Scapes

I wish I could,but I’m just beginning to learn Zif Worm.

A small update is available on the initial post.

Well, I started something but it didn’t last long. How bout an Alien Gazebo?


95% Zif Worm
5% Zif Click

hmm…interesting, now - how did you create this background? :slight_smile:
I know, silly question - object in the front is more important, but the background looks cool for me and reminds me something I need :slight_smile:


Hi Vox

The background is a Plane3D on which I used a spray stroke to add some bumps. I then actually used my PeoplePokerscript to strew about some tiny people around like leaves. The rest of the effect is the reflective material that I used and the enviroment settings in the render palette.

Hope that helps, thanks for your interest!