Hello everybody.

This is my last work on zbrush 2

Rendering and material in zbrush
Color and postprod in photoshop…

Bye !!!
Pagoda ville final.jpg

cool …i was hoping someone would try something like this…love to see more

This is really good!
There is something that recall me Escher.
Can you give us some tips on materials/techniques used to achieve results? I like it very much!


Absolutely great, and it’s refreshing to see something different from the usual here.

Love the style! Would like to See more.


Indeed very nice work, daring of you to make an environment in perspective in Zbrush :+1: :+1:

Very nice indeed. Like your previous posts too:+1:

What did you use to create your architecture - or is it generated in ZBrush also?

…architectures :slight_smile: :+1:

This is way cool :+1: :+1: Top Row Vote please :slight_smile:

I love to see this type of art being made with ZBrush. Excellent job!

Now if I could just figure out how to do this myself. :wink:

i dig this very much =) nice to see this!

Wow. That’s very unique. Great look and feel!

Love it!

This piece deserves to be on the top row. Bravo.

superb, can you show us how you made this picture?

Thanks for all messages…

For this picture i used 3ds for mod.
and Zbrush for bump, material and render and photoshop for postprod…