zetfree Sketchbook

muscle and pose study

girl pose


human pose 01.jpg

human pose 02.jpg

pitcher F2.jpg



Wow fabulous … especially the last:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

this is the armer human can put this on.

3dsmax,zbrush for modelling

armer F use uploag.jpgarmer key back side use upload.JPGarmerside01 up load.jpg

some WIPwip01.JPGwip01-01.jpgwip02.jpg

Helpful description, I always wonder about the right tool to use. :wink:

This is very nice, thanks a lot! :+1:

WoW! Cooool!:+1:

Very nice! Thanks for some of the WIP shots. Love seeing how others work.

Reminds me heavily of what the SC2 Tauren Marine would look like as actual armor. GJ :smiley:

Really nice work and thank you for the wip’s on that last one.


Thank you! So much

thank you . i am so happy to hear your reply.

thank you so much:)

here is another wip hard suface sculpting.hope you like it.


Thanks for the object lesson.

I am glad to hear that!:):smiley:

Wow this stuff is awesome. What sort of render times were you getting?

Thank you !! armer image is rendered in keyshot .
Rendertime is about 3hours !!