Zephon - Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Bust for printing

Hi everyone, some time ago I made 2 busts , Raziel and Kain, from one of my favorite games ever, the Legacy of Kain saga

In order to learn more about this amazing software that is zbrush, I tought it could be very interesting working in Raziel’s brothers, sculpt my own interpretation of the characters as well as I did earlier, I decided to start with "Zephon,
using this artwork and some pictures from the Play Station 1 game

And this is the result, rendered in keyshot, hope you guys like it!


kain y raziel.jpg

zephon 1.jpg

Zephon 002 0.jpg

Zephon 002 1.jpg

Zephon 003 1.jpg

Zephon 004 1.jpg

Zephon 005 1.jpg

Zephon 006 1.jpg

NO WAY!! I love the Zephon! This is crazy. I was just thinking of doing the LOK characters like last week. Cool stuff!

Thank you Clintus Maximus!
I’m working on the other brothers, I love this series!

Wow!! Love that serie you plan. Its original. DO you have a link where we can see full busts view?

cant wait to see them!

Thank you guys! The new busts are in a very early stage, but, if you want to see the other two a little better, you can check them out here :smiley: