Zelda Majora's Mask - Skull Kid

Still iterating the forms on my majora’s mask skull kid sculpt. I would love to finally start detailing but am not happy with my decicions concerning the overall proportions and the overall noisiness.

I am in that phase where I want to start over from the beginning… but I hope for another creativity boost to push through that and finish the piece.

What I am trying to portrait here is the exact moment when the skull kid is possessed by the mask. Half of his body stumbling backwards, the other half already taken over by the mask.

Blocking out was fun but I fear I lost the distance to judge objectively. So I am thankfull for any critique or comments :slight_smile:

0_Majora_4 Majora_1 Majora_2 Majora_3

Thanks for stopping by :slight_smile: