zelda 25th anniversary

Hi everyone !
As everyone konws, this year, it is the 25th anneversary of Zelda, and tomorrow Zelda SS will be released.

So i have decided to do a quick sculting of link, it is my tibute to this legendery saga.

It is not finish yet, i have to make the sword and the shield, but i have decided to share my work with you.

Here is the sculting, and the In Game model (10 300 tris)

I hope you will like this.



Link LP02.jpg

Looks great! :+1:

I immediately got the Zelda theme song stuck in my head…love that song. :smiley:

Really big fan of Zelda series and I’m glad to se your showing it justice. I’m really liking the textures and the model is looking good.
My only crit is that he kinda looks like he’s shrugging so you may want to tweak the shoulders. keep it up!

Good job on this model, it’s nice a Link we got here.

If I may add some critics I would say to pay attention to the neck and shoulder area. The neck may be too short right now.
Also you should pay attention to shoes. it shouldn’t be too symetrical cause it can make look it like it’s 2 right or 2 left shoes.
The texture is really nice, it’s totally feel like the twillight princess’s Link

Thank you for your comments and advices :slight_smile: .

You are Right Guedin, the shoes look too similar, i didn’t pay attention …

About the Neck, i have used a reference picture:
Link has a smal neck, i have said this to myself when i made the model.
But His neck is a little smaller on my model than on the reference picture …

I ll try to correct this, i hope it is not too late …

About the shoulder, normaly it ll be corrected when i will skin the model, and put him in dynamique pose.

By the way i have made his shield and the master sword

Maybe that the probleme of his shoulder and his neck is due to the perspective.
I use Marmoset, and the perspective is ratherd weird in this soft.
Today i have made some new shoot (for my portfolio), and i tooke screens with a different angle, and the probleme of the shoulder is less visible.](http://rl3d.mtxserv.fr/image/Link02.jpg)http://rl3d.mtxserv.fr/image/Link02.jpg

i like the hair in model also in texture :smiley: it looking very cool, i can`t wait to see the final pose and render :smiley: shield and master sword are awesome, you made the texture in Zbrush or other program? by the way, can you show us a little snapshots of the wirefrime?

Thank yous Protizimo .

I use photoshop to make the texture.

I have just finish to skin my Model. i put the wire too.

I hope you will like it :slight_smile: .

Goddamn I do love Zelda…

this has been in my head for days now…since the new release…


Keep it going!

Cheers :smiley:

man, that’s awesome and skyward sword is a good game, I hope the next Zelda wii u version look like this.