Hi there

Here are two practice works done with the new zmodeler brush.
Mod is 100% zbrush, renders are done with Octane

Hoppin you’ll like them, C&C always welcome :slight_smile:

Added a little timelapse :






Great models/renders. many thanks for the video. I’ve got to say, it’s probably one of the best videos out there at present, showing the usage of the new tools in action (IMO).

Would it be possible to do a slower video? I’ve managed to slow it down and playback frame by frame, which kind of helps, but still, would be great if you could show it at normal speed. I don’t think people would mind the length. It’s a great source of the usage of the tools. Thank you.:+1:

Just a thought, you could also upload it to gumroad and make some money from it. :wink:

Also, being an Octane user myself, would be great to see your Zbrush to Octane process.

Anyway, great work. Cheers.