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Hello Zbrushers, today i wanted to share with you
about a simple plugin I made to simply your life when you intensively need to switch between two brushes.

Home: https://puppet-master.net/zcycler/
Documentation: https://puppet-master.net/docs/zcycler/
Download : https://gum.co/zcycler

Brushes Cycler plugin for Zbrush R7 | R8 compatible with PC and Mac.

Easy and transparent. Assign a hotkey to the main function of the plug ( so brush cycle).

It will remember the last used brush and will switch to this brush when you hit the hotkey again.



Release Notes

1.0.3 :

[Fix] Cycle Icon transparency
[Fix] A message prevent the user, and abort the process, when using the multi alpha to ztool utility on Insert meshes brushes.

1.0.2 [Fix] missing routine when using MultiAlpha Brush to Ztool.
1.0.1 [Add] Multi Alpha brush to Ztool

Personal note:
I never used any brush cycler since i use Zbrush and finally i can’t to work without it now :smiley:

Please give me a feedback from your experience with the plugin.
You might have suggestion or some idea for any new features which must to be related to brush system only.zcycler-main-01.pngzCycler-User-Manual.jpgmain-panel-ztexturer-v2.jpgmain-panel-renderer-v2-1.jpg




This old macro is enough for toggle between 2 brushes, still works in 4R8.

I just wish I could use more toggles, so for example I could assign one key for Standard/Clay brush, one for TrimDynamic/hPolish, one for Move/SnakeHook etc…

Hi Tetsuoo, yep i didn’t know before it made this plugin about the marcus’s macro.
but two main differences are,
1.the brush size is keep in memory when you switch to the second brush.
2.it fits well into custom UI if you don’t want to assign an hotkey.

It not suppose to store different settings, it just on the fly , even if at next restart the plugin can reload the brush use in previous zbrush session :slight_smile:

Now there is an option that can drive the dynamic mode automatically when switching to another brush, and is support regular, but mask and smooth brush too.
it a best natural alternative to marcus’s macro that turn off dynamic for all brushes and overwrite all the default brushes.

I need some feedback before to release, iam about to post a link very soon to the very last version.

i did this ages ago…


what you did i a simple macro man thx for it but i see you ruser complain about the fact it doens’t work well with R8 cause it return always to the chisel brush :slight_smile:
I had to idea to make in different fashion

  1. it’s a plugin
  2. it work with custom UI
  3. there is a cycler but it support CTRL and/or shift and/or alt
  4. you can store 2 mask brushes, two smooth brushes and two regular brushes
  5. there is a versatile Dynamic brush mode function, that is also aware of CTRL/ALT/SHIFT
  6. then it come with tool to extract imm brush and multi alpha brushes.

the new version is about to be posted very soon with all these features :wink:

Hey Guys, I get back to you with something Big.

zCycler Version 2.0 is almost release and watch out how the plugin is featured .

Description :

Zcycler Pro brings to next level of Brush control and management for pixologic Zbrush 4R8.

All the magic happen when the user changes the current brush to a different brush.
Zcycler pro provides a bunch of new UI items to define the master brush settings and a selective approach to only apply only specific settings.
It operates in a transparent background process when the artist change the current brush to a different brush, and is fully invisible for the artist.

Features :

1. Smart Dual Brush switcher

On-the-fly bookmark of the current brush and switch to the previously bookmarked brush.
Change how behave the dual brush switcher by holding Ctrl or Shift when clicking on the button.
The Dual switcher will turn into a dual mask brush switcher, or a dual smooth brush switcher.
(Note: when assigned to a hotkey, only the regular brush can switch from brush to brush.)

2. Brush Master Settings

Define the master brush settings* to port from brush to brush with an transparent background process.

Ghost mode : enable/disable the background process.
Reset Mode : Reset brush Settings to default.
User mode : Bookmark and Create a library of user brush with your beloved custom settings, when you enable this mode, the switch will select the User brush instead of the regular brush.

Draw Size dynamic : set Dynamic brush On/off for all brushes.
RGB painting : Set RGB mode On/Off, for all brushes.
Material painting : Set Material mode On/Off for all brushes.
Material + RGB painting : Set Material+RGB mode On/Off for all brushes.
ZAdd : Set zAdd mode On/Off for all the brushes.
ZSub : Set zSub mode On/Off for all the brushes.

  • Define master value for many brush and draw settings :

    • Draw Size
    • Focal Shift
    • Z Intensity
    • RGB Intensity
    • Alpha Texture maps
    • Stroke Type
    • Wrap mode
  • Enable/Disable per Settings the port of the value from brush to brush.


I need few testers that could provide a feedback and tell me if everything is working good :wink:


Well, no testers and by the way it becomes impossible for me to publish anything.

For those who gently grab zcycler from my gumroad profile, the zcycler plugin is the old version 1.x which is shipped with
small bugs that make the support with R7 not really accurate particularly with the IMM extractor.

The brush switcher isn’t working for mask and smooth brush, the v2 is working well , but not when you use the switcher with a hotkey assignment.

Everything is working well in the v2:

  • The multi-alpha and the imm extractor has been removed.
  • The brush switcher is working with regular brush, smooth brushes and mask brushes. ( it work only for regular brush if you assign a hotkey to it.)

currently I wonder what to do, my plugin have option to act like the new remember dynamic option, but mine work with R8 and R7, and for 2018 I got to remove it.
I will have to remove the remember draw size function when we switch the brush using the built in brush switcher.
but seem like it unnecessary in 2018 too.

Should I focus only on 2018 version of zbrush and remove these features , or should I keep those function if the user run R7 or R8 version of Zbrush?

I am confuse now ;p

Keep moving forward dont worry too much about the dynamic option. Zcycler is very useful, i cant work without it.

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