ZClassroom: ZBrush Metal Slug Fan Art - Complete Modeling Timelapse


This video will walk you through the entire workflow used to create the Metal Slug Tank fan art model at 4x speed. Starting from a single Cylinder3D primitive, Joseph Drust will narrate the entire journey from start to finish.

This video highlights many ZBrush features including:

  • [ZModeler](http://pixologic.com/zbrush/features/ZModeler/)
  • [Insertmesh Brushes](http://pixologic.com/zbrush/features/insert-multi-mesh/)
  • [Masking](http://docs.pixologic.com/reference-guide/tool/polymesh/masking/)
  • [TransPose](http://docs.pixologic.com/user-guide/3d-modeling/modeling-basics/transpose/)
  • [Crease](http://docs.pixologic.com/reference-guide/tool/polymesh/geometry/)
  • [Mask by Polygroup](http://docs.pixologic.com/reference-guide/tool/polymesh/masking/)
  • [Slice Brushes](http://docs.pixologic.com/user-guide/3d-modeling/modeling-basics/polygroups/slice-curve/)
  • [Mirror & Weld](http://docs.pixologic.com/reference-guide/tool/polymesh/geometry/#modify-topology)

The creation of the model took four hours from start to finish.


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Well done! :slight_smile:

Thank you Joseph Drust…:+1:

Thanks for sharing!
Very informative!

Nice work Mr. Drust. You got me working on my own Slug Tank now.


Very cool. I love the Metal Slug series, so it’s nice to see one of the most iconic vehicles from the series given new life in 3D.
I may be in the minority here, but I’m not a fan of these 4x speed-up videos. I understand it’s done to keep the video length under control. However, I feel the sped-up nature omits a lot of the minutiae in the creative decision making process. Especially with regards to GUI settings, button presses, etc. I would love to see a real-time version.
I’ve seen a few artists starting to do this. ie. Release a sped-up narrated version and then also release the original full real-time recording.