ZBWorkShop - Make Robots in ZBrush with Furio Tedeschi

Hi everyone

Just wanted to share some of the awesome work the students created during my class on ZBW

Will be asking the guys to post their images here so please congratulate them for completing the course and making me supa stoked with the mechs they made :smiley:

Here are some of the final images so far

Artem Mirskov

Elijah McNeal

Irmgard Deters

Randy Bantog

Samuel Wilbur

Simon Green



Artem Mirskov.jpg

Elijah McNeal.jpg

Randy Bantog.jpg

Irmgard Deters.jpg

Samuel Wilbur.jpg

Simon Green.jpg

Stay tuned for more work from other students, will be posted as soon as they complete their mechs:D



Outstanding works! Congrats to the teacher :wink:

Samuel Wilbur Here,
Taking Furios “making Robots in Zbrush” class was easily one of the best choices I have made in the pursuit of self betterment.
Here are some slightly higher res images and a few more angles of my final Mech Design for the class.

Thanks Furio for taking the time to teach us your ways and help build our foundations for the future! :slight_smile:
please Enjoy our art.

-Samuel. W.

Updated my Mech Dude with some textures and a call out on the hands.

This class was a wicked experience. I really enjoyed learning how to leverage ZBrush for concept purposes, and was very pleased with
Keyshots capabilites. The final model was just under 5.7 m polygons. The concept is that he is an ex-military robot, with the brain of a deceased bank robber. I call him “Ronin.”

DBL post, please delete.

Awesome results everyone, and great work teacher :+1:

Great work everyone (and great job teaching them, Furio!) :slight_smile:

Hey this is my first time posting on ZbCentral, So might not get it right first time posting images
Here is my Mech from class, more of a future soldier combat exoskeleton of some kind
Furios workshop was an amazing experience, i learned and grew so much more than i had even expected and furio is a fantastic teacher!
Utilising zbrush and Keyshot is a really great, fast and effective way of concepting
Thanks alot!

000 Latest.jpg

you are a Hard Surface King… damn those Finger Details… its awesome…

wish to see some breakdown…

keep rocking those hard surface’s…

In great detail all) I can not imagine how many pieces were prepared for rendering with Key Shot.
Given the different material, color, UV texture and detail. Hard work but productive. :+1:

very cool stuff guys, and nice variation in styles

A lot of effort and hard work here!
Congrats guys, amazing job!

Best regards,

Unbelievable!!! Love your work!!!

I highly reccomend Furio’s workshop. Learned so much from him and now have a set of new skills that I can use for organic sculpts as well. Can’t wait to apply them in my next creations. Here’s my Mech from class. I’ve yet to use keyshot but will update this post as soon as I have a render.

Keyshot Renders for my mech. Thanks for everything Foo!

nice work over here :slight_smile:

Was inspired to re-visit my Mech, I see that a new course is coming up soon! look forward to it! :smiley:
Here is the re-render of my Mech from the Class

A Somewhat higher-res verson and Link to my personal sketchbook.http://cghub.com/images/view/851718/

idk if this post is still relevant or active, but I have a question where/link can I find his workshop/class at?
thanks in advance :slight_smile: