Hello guys

i just want to share something that i working in my free time in a past 2 years .
I want to give a big thanks to ??rcus Civis , for the big help on the scripts. Thanks man you are great !!!


Here is a description of what the plugins does:


for Zbrush 4R7 P3 64bit WIN OR OSX

Tool for making detailed high polygon human models in Zbrush

Human ZBuilder is a plugin for Zbrush. With this plugin you can make any types of human bodies and custom body types as a creatures or humanoids…


EDIT POSE: will allow you to make basic pose of your model.You can save or load your pose.

EDIT MODEL: will allow you to edit your own model and integrate it into zbuilder plugin as a custom preset. And continue using all zbuilder features.

EDIT RENDER: will allow you to make great presentation of your model. The scene is set with the best settings as materials, lightings and fibbers presets for easy use.

GET MODEL: will allow you to get the finished model and use it for any purpose that you want.

  • 10 colorized layers for great blending between them

  • the models is good for close up renders ,animations and etc.

  • 50 MORPH controlled for ( body types, face types , expressions and etc.)

  • presets for Materials, Dramatic Lighting, Rendering ,SSS,Ao,Shadows, backgrounds and etc. For BPR render.

You can use the tool for commercial or noncommercial purposes.
you can’t resell it

video :

Want to buy : https://gumroad.com/l/bkElP#

Hope you will like it :slight_smile:zbrender2222.jpg




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Very cool

Hey there,
purchased V1 on january 19th. I heard some got a free upgrade link (if you recently purchased the first version).
I never received an email by gumroad yet - so is there still a chance to get a free or discounted upgrade to V2?

Besides that - awesome plugin to play around with and get a basic shape to start from.

Same question, purchased v1 on 2016 november 24th

Thanks a lot for this plugin

This is so amazing…

Thanks guys i m glad you like it

about the free updates : the gumroad price is discount if have buy it from there there will not be free updates … the old price was too high and some people buy it on this price and they will get free updates of any versions
i m sorry about this but this plugin is alot of work …

Okay, thanks for your reply.
I respect the loads of work that you put into this.
Still - there should’ve been an announcement that there will be an upgrade coming within the next days - I mean I purchased it on the 19th of this month.
So that is kinda frustrating to spent money for an older version when the update was close to come.
At least a discount would’ve been nice for those that bought the old version that close.

However - I respect your decision and I am still looking up to such awesome work in this plugin.

Hey there, I followed the readme doc but get an error and crash when trying to run this.

Legit copy, enough disk space, running as admin, files in zPlugz64 folder.

I get these error windows in succession:
Error has been encountered while trying to load the file. Loading has been aborted.
Cannot export OBJ file. Insufficient disk space or file is in use by another application.
Unable to open file \Pixologic\Zbrush4r7/Zstartup\ZPlugs64/Zbuilder/Knife
Error has been encountered while trying to load brush preset. Loading has been aborted

Tried trouble shooting it, but haven’t had any success.



Hello BlazeF

i already send you mail about your issue , what happens i did not get answer from you ?

Bought V1 two weeks ago and so far, love it! Would definitely be interested in upgrade options to purchase moving forward.

Very cool! Instabuy! $59 seems a bargain for the amount of work that’s been put in and the amazing end results. Sadly won’t be able to play until after work…

Hi everyone I have this message alert every time I need to edit a model or when I open a saved file whit ZBuilder V2.

“Cannot export OBJ file. insufficient space or file is in use by another application”Capture.JPG

Some advice please?

Thanks everyone and have a nice one!.

Be aware that – as far as I can tell - this only runs on the 64-bit version of ZBrush.

Hi, does the plugin provide any features for helping to export from zbrush into unreal engine 4?

I did this really quick, I’ll use zbuilder for characters for my gameapeman.jpg



one way is to use to the Zbrush fbx plugin or send the model to another program and scale it up

Just played around with this plugin. Works fine. I created a model and a rig which I saved out. When done with the model, pose etc. I clicked “get model” knowing I would not be able to change it inside the plugin.
Now: I want to use the rig on the model using “Transpose Master”. Loaded in the rig and pasted in on - but it doesn’t fit??
Can this be done, please?

Considering buying this plugin as I have a few characters to build quickly. I was wondering, can it export the model, work on it, and then use Zbuilders posing tools to pose it?

Yes you can pose in zbuilder

Went ahead and bought it. Just straight in to using it for my first of 8 characters. Got a quick question. I have figured out (some) of the posing methods. But can’t figure this one out. I have the hand and I want it to be rotated back (back of the hand rotated further back in the supplied image) and cant figure out how to do it other than selecting each of the knuckles and rotating them one at a time. If I click on the wrist it only rotates it round the way. Any ideas?