ZBrushCoreMini: Free Human Head & Body Templates for ZBrushCoreMini

Firstly thanks to Pixologic for providing ZBrushCoreMini for free, its such a fantastic tool for beginners and advanced users. I can’t wait for future updates.

I was teaching an introduction to digital sculpting for a university class and decided to use ZBrushCoreMini. To be honest, I was a little surprised that it doesn’t include any head or body templates.

So I decided to make a collection for my students (some based on the ones available in ZBrush 2021), and I thought the community might benefit from as well.
They are a little rough and ready, but they worked really well for my students.

Feel free to use them as a base for your own creations or educational purposes.

Merry Christmas!

DevB_FemaleHead_v07 DevB_MaleHead_v01 DevB_GenericHeadPlanes_v02 DevB_FemaleBody_v01 DevB_MaleBody_v01


Great work ! Thanks for sharing :wink:

Are these files still available ? All im getting is the images here, no way to download them. Help a newbie to zbrush !

ZbrushCoremini use the gif 3d image format, simply slide the image on your desktop or right click to save image as gif, then open the .gif image in zbrush core mini.