Zbrushcore series of tutorials

Hi guys!
I’ve started a series of Zbrushcore oriented videos over on youtube, trying to work on my teaching skills. Critics and comments welcome!


I just purchase core yesterday, do you know how to create your own brushes?. I understand that any brushes for 4r7 wont load into the software

You can’t unfortunately, that’s a limitation of ZbrushCore.

I notice it has the option to load brush and you can do so as long as that brush is created in Core. Are there any good tutorials that cover brush creation within Core?

Indeed if you go through the menu on top you can make brushes to some extent. The way it works is similar to Zbrush so any brush tutorial will set you in the right direction.

So helpful. Thank so much, just subscribe :wink:

Thank you for this, have a sub :slight_smile:

My model is too huge for printing, and I could use the size slider in deformation, but I don’t understand the measurment increments in the draw menu grid sliders, so I can use them for reference in scaling my models.

What do the numbers on the grid sliders mean?
Thank you for answering my dumb questions. I’m sculpting like a pro, but need a left-brain person for techno help.