ZBrushCore e After Effects

Hello and good morning to all, my name is Renato, I’m the father of Mattia, a disabled boy who enjoys using After Effects (with the Element 3D plug-in) and would like to create something in 3D and then move on to animation
I apologize for my english (from google tralsate)
I am therefore asking this information to someone in the forum: if you purchase the ZBbrushCore version, the files created in .obj format can then be exported (as well as saving?)
Is there anyone who knows if the After Effects 3D Element plug-in can import them without problems?
My son would like to try his hand at some logo creation to be exported to After Effects to give it an animation.
I was not able to find this information on the web, which would be basic to me before buying the ZBrushCore softwear
Thanks to those who can give some useful advice or information
Greetings to everyone


ZBrushCore will export OBJ files, so yes, if the After Effects Element 3D plugin imports OBJ you will be able to use files from ZBrushCore.

Thank you for your kind reply
I wanted to ask on the forum this clarification, if someone had tried and exported the ZBrushCore files in After Effects (through Element 3D) because sometimes not all .obj files in case they can be “digested well” and then imported without problems
Thanks again, however, for your help
a warm greeting

My main concern would be to know the limitations that your equipment would have in terms of cpu and graphics. If you want, i can share you two files that will let you know how would be the performance of this type of files on your computer.

You can write me to: heavyblazenight@gmail.com