ZBrush3 works by taemoor khan

hi all i am starting this thread to all of my zbrush works and will be putting new works in here as well. criticsm has always been a good thing for me.
hope you all will enjoy my work.

ita was done in ZB2. it was my first head sculpt in zbrush.



couple of other head sculpts or call them 3d sketches. i love making huamn heads and specialy caricature. thats my break from my work and thats how i enjoy sculpting in zbrush
[attach=83282]Bottle Head caricature.jpg[/attach]



Bottle Head caricature.jpg

Great stuff. I like the expression on that last one. lol.

thanx morden!! :slight_smile:
m gonna post more very soon.

this was an outcome of my RnD when i explored Retopology tool on ZB3.1 release. enojy!

demon head_retopology test small.jpg

cei had an image of a mage character in my mind and i sculpted the head in half an hour. here it is.


mage head sculpt.jpg

That’s pretty sweet for only a half an hour. Good show.

Hello Brother

I am glad to see your work, talent and specially your devotion to your work. I see that You are just few steps away from your glory. God Bless you.