ZBrush3 Offline Reference as pdf

Hi Folks,

while everybody is enthusiastic - me as well - about the release of ZB3 there is still one problem for me: there is no reference handbook.
Since I cannot be online all night long I collected a lot of stuff from zbrush.info and put everything together inside a big fat pdf with 480 pages. Since I find this very useful I thought maybe other ZBrush enthusiasts will find this handy as well and I would like to offer this document as a free download from my webpage.
My only concern is if I am allowed to do this. I believe it should be no problem. In a short foreword I state that the content of the document is not my intellectual property and that I am only the collector.

So what do you think? Is someone interested in this file? Do you think it is legal to offer it to the community?

Thanks and best regards


I would definatly be interested. I haven’t picked up ZB3 yet because of the lack of documentation. As far as weather anyone will have a problem with it, I can’t see why…


I would love to have this, but I cannot help you with the legal question. I guess it’s ok, but you may well ask over at pixologic.
One idea though, out of experience: don’tb make it public-public as it’ll eat your bandwith with voracious hunger. Ask people who are interested to send you a pm or a mail, and then give them the adress.

Are you “the” emell whose work I saw at Rendero, who deleted his gallery (oh artists! why are you so severe against yourselves!) and who restarted ?
I guess so. Know that I like your works. Also the ones you deleted (grumble).

Yes please! this is very kind of you buddy :+1:

As long as you’re not claiming to have written it all yourself, I can’t see any reason why this would be illegal, by all means - post it!

I would email…support at pixologic for permission.

Hi folk

I am happy if you could use the file. I uploaded it on rapidshare which might be a little unconveniant but it will rescue my webpage traffic:

Download Link

I mirrored it on my webpage but although I don´t mind you to visit my site please try the rapidshare link first:

Weblaboratory Download

Yes, you are right. I am “the” emell that you remember from Renderosity. Thanks for that and for liking my old pictures. Now I am back as you can see :wink:

Have a nice day


thank you very much for this :+1:

thanks Marcus.

I tried to download the copy from your site, and got a “document is corrupt” message. That was trying to open the pdf in firefox, and right clicking save as …

The file from RS is fine though, and very good.

Schönes Pfingsten :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcus!!!
It’s fantastic.


hobo is right. The pdf from your site seams to be corrupt. But the rapidshare is ok.

Thank you very much for this :+1:


very useful…!!! thank’s a lot for sharing

Thanks for the hint! I will reup it tomorrow when I will have access to a better Internet connection.
Dir auch schöne Pfingsten.

Well, very very well !!!


I can learn better (and more)…


Thanks for sharing!!:smiley:

Thank you Doc :slight_smile: Nice work at your web site. I wish I could have seen your work at Renderosity but am glad you are posting here. Thank you for taking the time to put together the wiki in pdf form. It makes it much easier. :+1:

Well done mate! This is the kind of stuff Pixologic should be giving users as a matter of course and shouldn’t be left to end users. Come on Pixologic!

Hi guys!
Thank´s for all your comments. I reuploaded the file to my webspace. So it should work fine now in case the rapidshare link is malfunctional.

Have a nice day


Thanks Marcus, :slight_smile:
Very useful!