ZBrush2024 Autumn Leaf

Hi everyone! This is the design I made during the beta testing of the new ZBrush2024 “Autumn Leaf” :fallen_leaf:

The new features are great, and they have improved a lot some of my workflows

-Updated Anchor Brush, has been very useful for manipulating and give shape to the leaf edge, you save time avoiding the masking
-New Gizmo masking fading and centering placement has been very useful for more accurate edge bendings
-The new possibility of using DragDot for IMM Brushes has been a big improvement for me for the stone placement in pavés, the ability of slide the cutters is great speeding up the workflow.
-I’ve used Repeat to Similar with the prongs (little cylinders that holds the stones) I could control the shape, and length just modifying one

Hope you like it! And enjoy the new version! :smiley: :love_you_gesture:




thank you for beta testing and posting this awesome work! :slight_smile:

WoW! Gorgeous jewelry pendent or brooch or even earring -as a smaller size of course :slight_smile: Never cease to amaze me Nacho! Your design creations are elegant. Thanks for sharing the video too :wink:

Hey Daisuke, thanks to you for letting be part of it! Thank you!

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Thanks a lot Jaime! It will work better as a brooch, and thanks always for you kind words! :hugs:

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Wow!!1 Thank you very much for the Top Row!! :smiley: :hugs:

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Beautiful piece :sunglasses::+1::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:!!

Thanks a lot Geert! :blush:

This is pure magic! Keep slaying, artist!

Thank you very much Erfan!! :hugs:

Modeling wax render

My goodness! A stunning piece of jewelry—in a more diminutive form, of course—perfect for a pendant, brooch, or setting of earrings. What a generous gift!

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Thanks for comment! It was designed as a brooch, due to the amount of gems :gem: :gem: