Zbrush2021.1 update issue with Dynamic tab

Hi guys , after the 2021.1 update the dynamics tab functions got reversed, call me wrong, but deflate function should not inflate , it is reversed : Inflate>Deflate and Deflate< Inflate, worked just fine before updates to 2021.1

any idea how to fix it or what is going on ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @MEC4D Welcome to the forum.

The latest version is 2021.1.1. It works normally for me. You can use the ZUpgrader.exe file in the ZBrush 2021 root directory to quickly upgrade. If the problem still persists after the upgrade, you may need to start a Support Conversation.

Thanks, I used the updater.exe since the other did not provided any updates to v 2021.1.1, everything is working fine now , I guess it was some funky glitch from the last update I did that reversed the functions .