Hi I am new at Sculptris been using it about two and a half months and love it, should I go ahead and buy ZBrush now or wait until I am very comfortable using sculptris.

I hate to shell out $900.00 for ZBrush as this is a hobby for me, there are friends and others that say I should sell my art but I am not doing art to make money. I have seen the pro’s and con’s of sculptris and then ZBrush looks so amazing, the art that comes from ZBrush is like day and night compared to sculptris. I used to draw and then I was almost killed in a car accident when someone ran a stop sign and I hit him head on and now my hands shake from that and can no longer draw, now I have found sculptris for computer art.

Oh one other thing can someone tell me what kind of a writable tablet to get that works with sculptris, Thank you all so very much in advance for your help and your knowledge and your expertise on this matter.

From someone else who’s just a hobbyist as well, it would depend on where you want to go from here. For the most part, I’d say that it would be best to wait until you think that you’ve maxed out everything that Sculptris has to offer (if you’re planning on staying in the more organic realm of sculpting anyway). Combined with Blender for rendering, it’s certainly a lot cheaper.

ZBrush, like any other high end sculpting program, is just a tool. It, by itself, is not going to make the art/models amazing. Most of that “amazing” can come from a combination of things (anatomy, lighting, textures, etc.), none of which are in any way exclusive to ZBrush.

If you were to download the previous version of Sculptris, the larger texture size that you can put paint/bump on can, in some ways mimic the micro sculpting/texturing of ZBrush (which is likely why they removed it for the new version). Now, just because no one is currently putting out images from Sculptris that seem to rival ZBrush, that should in no way indicate the levels that it is capable of. I saw some truly amazing things that people have done in Sculptris from years before.

But, that’s just my opinion. Plus, I plan to get ZBrush eventually too. The ease with which it seems to do complex hard surface stuff looks like it would be too much fun.