Zbrush weird brush stroke behavior


I have noticed a weird behavior when using brushes. When using the clay build up for instance, I get weird and unpredictable bumps in the brush stroke. Please see below what happens. If you have any suggestions about what might be the cause of this, let me know.
Screenshot 2021-07-20 234909

This happens both with my Cintiq and my mouse. So the pressure sensitivity shouldn’t be the reason.

Thanks in advance

Hello @Elytreus ,

The other users on the forums are unlikely to be able to help you with system specific technical issues, and we would need more information from you in order to investigate further. If you are a licensed ZBrush user and you’d like us to take a look at the situation, please drop by Pixologic Support and start a conversation. You may also wish to stop by this page, and follow the instructions there to generate a diagnostic report which you can submit at the same time.

Thank you!