ZBrush User Group Meeting - Los Angeles


The Pixologic User Group Meeting is returning to Los Angeles! Join us on Saturday, December 4th in the Los Angeles Film School’s state of the art theatre located in the heart of Hollywood!

The guest presenters at this event will be two of Hollywood’s top ZBrush artists:

:large_orange_diamond: Neville Page - Lead creature/character designer and modeler for productions including Avatar, Star Trek and Cloverfield
:large_orange_diamond: Ian Joyner - Character designer at Legacy Effects with credits including Avatar, Iron Man 2 and Thor

Admission is FREE and seats are limited!

Click the “recap” link above to see how the event went!

Come and meet with the Pixologic team and rub elbows with fellow artists from ZBrushCentral!

See you at the event! :slight_smile:




Shame I’m in the UK though :frowning:

Think it is great that Aurick is using his home for
the reception…details to follow I assume

That will be so cool ;(
would love to be there!

this is cool but i would love to see something in the midwest like chicago. that would be awesome!

Any comin to the East Coast? Guess there aren’t as many of us Zbrush users around DC, but it’s be nice :wink:

If you’re in a major area and would like to see a UGM near you, please send your suggestion to UGM@pixologic.com. We naturally can’t go everywhere people might ask for. :slight_smile: But we will use these emails to get a feel for ideal places to target with future events.


I wish there’ll be an event like that holding in Moscow… :large_orange_diamond:

:small_blue_diamond: Luck ya’ll guys >: ) :small_blue_diamond:

Simply spectacular! Maybe one day I can be among these great artists.

sounds like fun. i’ll be there!

I hope for some videos of that meeting :smiley: :+1:

I second that!!! These meetings, Siggraph etc may as well be held on the moon as far as I’m concerned.

(cough… London meeting ;))

I am so there!:smiley:

I Wish could be there!

Wish one day in Malta we could hold such meetings as well. :slight_smile:

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too bad i live in europe. :frowning:

It would be nice if there was an event like this in Europe. :slight_smile:

Awesome !! I’ll be there !!! YAYYYY !

Too bad for us West Indians, besides Go Fast’s and coconuts, nothing interesting seems to drift by our islands.

…though, I was lucky enough to meet these gentlemen at Gnomon Live '09.

…after forking out steep air-fair to get there, but it was well worth it!

I just want to thank Pixologic and Jaime Labelle for making this event happened. It was great to learn about the creative process of these two awesome Artists. Ian Joyner and Neville Page delivered a great presentation.
As a bonus Paul Gaboury demonstrated a few new features of Zb4.

Can’t wait for the next meeting! :D:+1: