Zbrush UI unresponsive

I have an issue that has been persisting through many versions of Zbrush and many different PCs that I’ve never been able to find support for and is really hard to describe.

I will give it my best shot:

Quite often in Zbrush while sculpting, the entire Zbrush interface will phase out. Visually everything looks fine but no buttons can be clicked, the model can’t be sculpted on, and the interface is unusable.

When this happens, I can alt-tab out of Zbrush then alt-tab back in and I will see my model rotating as I move my pen or mouse around in the interface. It is still unusable, and the interface still unresponsive.

Here is where it’s weird, if I double click buttons in the UI very fast, I can get the panel to open up. If I click save tool or project twice very quickly I can save the work, then close out Zbrush, but oftentimes this doesn’t work for saving a timelapse, etc.

I don’t know what causes this or how to replicate it but its happened on every system I’ve worked on at home, at work, on my mobile studio pro.

Has anybody encountered this and if so does anybody know of a way to fix this.

My specs:
Xeon E5-2680v4 @2.4GHz

Hi @ayth1

Sorry you’re having some trouble! The community boards aren’t likely to be able to help you with system-specific problems of an overly technical nature, however.

You will need to contact Pixologic Support, and provide them with the information they will require.

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I’ll contact support as well, since I have been having the same problem, particularly since updating to 2020.1.1