ZBrush UGM Recap Video: Naughty Dog

ZBrush UGM Recap Video: Naughty Dog

In case you couldn’t be in attendance for our Naughty Dog UGM here on the grounds of the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, sink your teeth into this recap video featuring Michael Knowland, Bradford Smith and Frank Tzeng. These guys were part of the incredible team that brought us the hit game, “The Last of Us”.

To kick things off, Michael demonstrated his approach to sculpting realistic cloth for games. Next up, Brad took us into the realm of environment props with a demonstration on tiling-textures for production. Some of the key features used in his workflow include ZRemesher and Micro-Mesh. Last up for the evening was Frank with a showcase of his methods for sculpting realistic human faces.

Michael, Bradford and Frank left no stone unturned with their in depth presentations of typical workflows in the lives of production artists. If you’re looking to take your sculptures to higher levels of realism, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to watch these industry pros in action. Be sure to keep your eyes on our events calendar for upcoming events!

Naughty Dog Recap Video

<iframe src=“http://www.pixologic.com/video/video-v2-zbc.php?videoname=http://www.pixologic01.com/zclassroom/events/naughty-dog-ugm/ugm-naughtydog.f4v” &s3=“1"” frameborder=“0” height=“600” width=“1034”></iframe>

This is great to see. Living on the East Coast I miss the community you all have out there. And this clip is very nice. Sound quality great as well. But it is just a tease from a wonderful event. When the eye is being discussed with the folds, the video here ends. I am wondering if there is a way where I/we could get the whole movie event? I would be happy if it was in h.264 and I would be happy to pay for it as well. I would have been there if I could. I have become a ZBrush sponge and feel frustrated missing events like this.

In a Daliesque moment I was struck by how the ventilation duct in the second picture looks like an airbrush.

I echo this. As a New Yorker who works remotely, it’s rare at best that I get to attend events like this on the west coast. I appreciate Pixologic and Naughty Dog (and Gnomon) for allowing this to be recorded and shared regardless of its length.

being from the midwest and not in the position to financially be a part of these events, its great to see pixologic do something like this for the less fortunate. It means a lot that you let those that couldn’t attend, still feel a part of the zbrush community. I’ll Never take these videos for granted.


Thank you for posting this :smiley: Its great to see, even fragments of it. Looks like it was awesome. Is there anyway to see the whole event?

Thank you so much! I have the biggest respect for Naughty Dog so this recap is worth a lot to me.

Cool, thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing. Can you show more? Something more like the Siggraph videos, these were great.

This is awesome!! Will there be a full length video?:smiley:

+1 please for full length video of the vent for us overseas users of Zbrush. :+1:


Hey, do any of you guys know what matcap Mike was using while he was sculpting the jacket?

I cant make out it’s name is on the video :\


We’re never gonna get to see the full video are we? :frowning:

Wow. love the clip. Thanks for sharing guys. Love Pixologic’s & Naughty Dog’s & all the wonderful people behind this project.

Did a full video of this event ever go up anywhere?