ZBrush UGM Recap: Riot Games

ZBrush UGM Recap Video: Riot Games

We’ve been busy! here is yet another ZBrush UGM RECAP video from our friend Josh Singh at Riot Games.

Josh takes you back in time with undo history, as he takes you through his process for creating characters for League of Legends with ZBrush from start to finish. Josh provides some unique analogies to best describe his experiences in the gaming industry.

The evening continued on with Pixologic’s own Joseph Drust, who demonstrated various methods for using ZBrush in video game pipelines. We will be posting his entire presentation at a later date, so stay tuned!

Sit back and enjoy this 30 minute video!

Riot Games Recap Video
<iframe src=“http://www.pixologic.com/video/video-v2-zbc.php?videoname=http://www.pixologic01.com/zclassroom/events/riot-games-ugm/riot-games.f4v” &s3=“1"” frameborder=“0” height=“600” width=“1034”></iframe>

See you next time!

Hats off to Josh!! A fantastic presentation of great warmth. Much enjoyed.

Awesome video!

Does anyone know where he got/the name of the materials hes using in this video? Would be great!


Wow Great video, might get into LoL just to see character progression, etc. would love to work at Riot, they have the best characters !!!

what a wonderfull presentation!! :slight_smile:
thanks a lot for the recap

So cool presentations! Thanks for sharing:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Great presentation, learned some great tips. Thanks for taking the time to share. Can’t wait for the next one!

I love the completeness of Josh’s presentation. Great breakdown of processes. And very well done Josh! I also appreciate the full video rather than snippets. Thank you!

Very nice! Already saw a bunch of stuff I can try out. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing!
This was one awesome presentation !!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Omg, loved this recap so much. Rly wish i could have been there.

Really awesome stuff! I need to move out to CA so I can attend these meetups.

Amazing video! :smiley:

Love it! Love! Love! Got so much that I can start using. Can’t wait to put it all into action. Thanks dude.