Zbrush to the Maximus!

Hey guys, I’m new to ZBrush Central! I am a recent graduate of the art institute of phoenix and am currently working as an intern at a company called VirTra making combat simulators. Anyway! I’ve been using ZBrush for about a year now and figured i should post here to get some crits, tips, feedback etc. so here we go.

Muscle Study



New Pants.jpg

Hey guys! long time Zbrusher here and i always start a new thread for every project and i figured thats just wasting internet space lol. SO! Im starting back with my original thread that i meant to have all my work posted in. Ive been working for the game Hero Clix for a while now and i thought id post my work for them that i could show! Since im under contract i gotta wait until the sets are released before i can show them off, so the actual art is about 9 months old. Anyway! Hope you guys like em!






cool stuff bro … keep at it

PS im also a grad from AI but the one over here in california - Orange county :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the kind words man! Glad to hear from another AI alum on here lol

So i started watching Naruto a bit ago and i never thought it even looked half decent, but i must say im hooked… anyway its been a while since i posted here and i’ve started a Gaara and thought i should put him up! Any helpful feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Gaara looks great. Keep at it.

Thanks man!

And im trying to get better and make this character better, so if anybody has any critiques or anything they would be appreciated!

having fun with Zbrush! Kinda gettin back into the swing of things!


Small update… still blocking out the main forms and kinda feeling him out. Not sure if i like the back legs yet and im considering making him 6 legged instead of 4… open to any sort of feedback you guys might have!


Havnt had a lot of time to work but im really trying to stick with this one. Also slight update on the concept… with Heart of the Swarm coming out i thought it would be interesting to make him an evolution of the baneling. More of an anti-air cannon type. Instead of being a suicide bomber he would spit the acid carried in his body. Anyway, im thinking im pretty happy with how he looks and i might be moving on to the detail stage FINALLY. Suggestions are still welcome! Critiques are VERY welcome and i would highly appreciate it!

Some of the more recently released Hero Clix figures i worked on… The Red King, Binary, Ms. Marvel, Spiderwoman, and The Void!




New Hero Clix characters!






I call him Fathead! Just playing around for some practice. Sunk about an hour or so…

Here’s the zbrush shot, no color

Just a speed sketch for the holiday!


Just trying to get better!

Just a sketch for the night…

Hi everybody! I recently ran a kickstarter project https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/238292504/sharktipede-lives to fun getting some of my artwork 3d printed and it was successful! 3 creatures in total and today was exciting because i got the first images of the first 2 creatures. Had to share! Hope you like them! More to come!

Sharktipede joins the gang!!

Hey everybody! been a long time… heres my most recent piece. C&C welcome as she is still very much WIP