Zbrush to Marmoset Workflow

Hey Guys,

I have spent the last couple of days trying to figure an “updated” workflow to go from Zbrush 4R7 P3 to Marmoset 2.08. Here’s what I came up with for anyone that’s interested. The following information has been consolidated from all over the place from my research so I cannot claim credit. Here we go:

Creating UVs in Zbrush.

  1. Open high rez model.

  2. Zplugin > UV Master.

  3. Work on Clone.

  4. Unwrap.

  5. Copy UVs.

  6. Switch to high rez model.

  7. Paste UVs on lowest Subdivision Level.

  8. Go to the highest subdivision level.

Exporting Multiple Maps from Zbrush: (Normal & Texture from Polypaint)

Multimap Export Settings:

Check the following:


Sub Tools (if you have them and want them to be included)

Merge Maps

Flip V


3D Printer Exporter (I know we’re going to Marmoset, it just works best this way)

3D Printer Exporter Settings:

Update Size Ratios


Move to Origin

For all Tools

Original Size


Export OBJ

Marmoset Settings:

Create and assign a new material.

Under the Albedo Tab > Choose Vertex Color (your polypaint appears!) Make sure sRGB is checked as well.

Under the Surface Tab > Choose Normals. Make sure that Scale and Bias is checked.

I have tried this process from beginning to end a few times and it works great! I hope this helps someone in need. Have a great weekend guys!


As a ZBrush beginner i want to thank you for your easy to follow list! Rendering can be scary lol

This worked, thank you

I had left a project i was making for like 13 semanas bc i wanted to figure this out but couldnt… Thank you so much