ZBrush Summit starts in less than 2 days!

The best place to learn about ZBrush… is in Your Home!
The Summit arrives in less than 2 days!

- September 25th-27th - Streamed live! -

Reserve your virtual seat now so that you can follow the presentations from world-class ZBrush artists, watching them live via streaming video from anywhere in the world!

If you are in the Los Angeles area, join us to watch these presentations in person and interact with presenters. It will also be a great opportunity to win some fantastic giveaways! (Seating is first come, first served.)

The 2015 ZBrush Summit is the best opportunity ever to learn ZBrush, giving you access to panelists that cannot be found anywhere else! (The ZBrush Summit is a FREE event)


ZBrush Summit Countdown Giveaway

Now you have yet another reason to be excited. We will be giving out prizes to winners* randomly selected from the people who have registered for the Livestream. The earlier you register, the more opportunities you will have to win!

Prizes include: ZBrush licenses and figurines or statues provided by our great sponsors: Kotobukiya, Tsume Art or Good Smile Company!

Time is running out - register today to see it all live and be eligible for prizes!


New Celebrity Presenters Join the ZBrush Summit!

We have special guests for this second edition of the ZBrush Summit. First up will be ZBrushCentral’s monstermaker himself: acclaimed makeup effects artist and seven time Oscar winner Rick Baker. He will be followed by two of the judges from SyFy Channel’s famous Face-Off reality show: Neville Page and Glenn Hetrick. With 75 years of combined experience in the TV and motion picture industries, their knowledge will blow you away!

Organize your Agenda!

The ZBrush Summit is three days packed with presentations, interviews and the Sculpt-Off challenge. There will be a lot going on – in fact, there will be times when multiple choices are available!

To be sure that you don’t miss anything important, browse the online schedule. This will let you discover all the presenters and Sculpt-Off participants so that you can plan your personal agenda!

- See the Full Event Schedule -

Interact with us through Twitter!

Even from the other side of the world, you can interact with the Pixologic team during the Summit and send your comments or questions to the presenters. The best way to do this is to follow @Pixologic on Twitter and tag your message with #ZBrushSummit. Our team will do their best to respond. In some cases, your question may even be asked of the presenters during the Livestream!

* Winners will be selected by random drawing from all registered entries. There is no cost for entry. Drawings will be held each half day by the Pixologic team, with one prize selected randomly and given away in each drawing. Odds of winning depend upon the number of registrations at the time of the drawing. The Winners will be announced during the ZBrush Summit and will be contacted by email. Contest is subject to the laws of the state of California, United States. Void where prohibited.

I can’t express my outer disappointment for the Last Zbrush Summit!! The Livestream lag was sooo frustrating and infuriating !

I spent the whole year looking forward to this one event to have this happen. Especially after talking too my work colleagues about how amazing the event is. Plus trying to get my boss on board… not good

Pixologic, you made me very sad and embarrassed … Livestream :frowning:

Man… I am so angry!

The lag was indeed, awful, especially the third day. The first two days that was not “too bad”.
But couldn’t be happier with the event itself !!!
I didn’t even look at the schedule in advance to preserve the suspense, and from the beginning, BOOM, Rick Baker.
I couldn’t be happier :slight_smile: And the rest was absolutely wonderful too.

And I won a great prize !!!

Livestream awful service was the only quirk, and yes not a little one. Fortunately enough we’ll be able to watch the replays, buy that’s a really great opportunity to communicate and ask questions to the artists that livestream took away from us the third day. That’s not something happening everyday, thanks a lot again Pixologic for this wonderful opportunity.

Blame livestream not pixologic. By the way I hope livestream will refund you guys !!!

Thanks for everything Pixologic :slight_smile:

( Paul - each time you pronounced my name a little better, I appreciate the effort thanks :wink: )

why not show zbrush 5 ?

I downloaded the streams for future reference, maybe there was an easy way to do it , but I didn’t see it.

I used Jdownloader2 , start the program , right click on any of the vids and “copy link address” , jdownloader2 should catch that you have a video link and offer a download for it.

the videos were around 700 MB per day

Huge thanks for another great summit Pixologic!
But stream was very laggy. Especially 3rd day, it was good exam of nerves. Available recorded version has huge gaps too, unfortunately (70% of Scott Eaton’s lecture is absent etc.)

Hopefully all lectures will be available online for a later viewing.

I would definitely like to see Furio’s lecture.

stefanobernardi, all recorded streams available at http://livestream.com/pixologic/zbrush. Unfortunatelly 3rd day lectures are corrupted

I went to it, made the trek alone, met some cool artist, got to do two workshops with very honorable artist. Had a blast!
My only gripe was the parking instruction.

I understand why those spots were promoted, they were safe places, but it was the walk to the event from those places. Never the less it was not bad, because I felt safe to park there. Maybe my gripe is just with the parking racket in LA, hahah!

The workshops were rad, worth it very much, the artist are very nice and professional and I learned some cool stuff.

If you make the time to venture to it, do it.

ps. Some lucky fella won a Maker Bot! Think about this… you enter an event that all you had to do was register online and show up to (and deal with LA, if your kinda a small town fella like me) and you can potentially win a printer, or any of the other neat stuff. Oh and plus great artist talk in depth and with passion about one of your favorite subjects of all time… No brainer!

I could not watch the events live because of the time difference here in europe.

How can you download these videos? Watching them in the player sucks big time as you can not scrub through the video without the video simply stopping or restarting from the beginning.

I tried JDownloader but it does not pick up any videos from the page, and if I right click it only shows the flash player settings and info options.

@petz_e: Livestream stores all playlists in m3u8 containers, you should be able to find the individual files inside them. I PM’d you.

Too bad we missed the last part of the Day 3, I only saw the last bits on livestream but would be nice to be able to watch them again. Also stream cut off at some point :frowning: Hope Pixologic will upload these into Youtube eventually (and with better quality, last day streamed only at 438p).

petz_e, allavsoft downloader is great for downloading recorded livestream videos.
Last part of summit was available few hours after end of event. Maybe someone recorded it?

I can’t be angry, I mean it was a free event that they didn’t have to stream at all. I do believe they should have attempted to mirror the stream on one or two other networks, but I don’t know what the logistics are. I suspect that mirroring on Youtube live and/or Google+ probably would have eliminated lag problems for everyone, but also like I said last year it would be good for these summits to be finalized on Blu-ray and made available for sale.

I’d already a report last year that clearly stated that dl’ing games with ~2 GB of data or more ultimately is more damaging (carries a larger carbon footprint) to the environment than retail discs. While the studies were done to analyze trends in the gaming industry 2 GB is 2 GB.


It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that ecological disparity gap grows even more as autonomous tractor trailer rigs begin to roll out:


So that’s my piece…hopefully next year they’ll distribute the streaming load and think about doing physical distribution of recorded ZBrush Summits now and going in the future.


We would like to extend a large thanks to all of those who participated in our second annual ZBrush Summit!

All three days of the ZBrush Summit were a huge success; from top-notch speaker panels, an intensive Sculpt-Off competition, and amazing workshops all around, we could not be more pleased with the outcome.

The feedback from our on-site participants has been entirely positive! We cannot thank our users and community enough for sticking with us for our second ZBrush Summit, both online and on-site.

As some of you may have noticed, however, we had some difficulties with video streaming on our third day—an issue that LiveStream, our provider, could not resolve in time. As such, we are doing our best to digitally publish all presentations and Scult-Off videos on our YouTube page.

We apologize for the inconvenience and the delay, but please stay tuned to see the forthcoming videos as we upload them. You can find the Rick Baker and Neville Page and Glenn Hetrick presentations posted online as of now.

Thank you again for your support and understanding!


The Pixologic Team

Zbrush 5 would be so epic! :slight_smile:

yeah streaming was frustrating. Glad to hear they’ll all be posted eventually.

I was hoping for some ZB5 sneak peak though :frowning: