ZBrush Summit 2020 -- Updated Nov. 7


The 2020 ZBrush Summit will take place on November 7th - 10th and will be 100% online - the first ever “Virtual ZBrush Summit!

This four-day event is streamed live around the world and serves as a way for all digital artists to connect not only with the Pixologic team, but also with other ZBrush artists from all segments of the industry.

The days are packed with talented artists sharing a variety of ZBrush techniques with you. These will be mixed with a host of other activities designed to keep you engaged and excited. Be sure to stay tuned in daily to catch the latest exciting news from Pixologic!

Thanks to the combination of streaming technology and social media, viewers will be able to become participants, interacting with each other and the Pixologic team no matter where they are located.

Pixologic has always been synonymous with innovation. While this year’s ZBrush Summit will be familiar to those who’ve attended in the past, its format has been reworked in a way that will be engaging, exciting and entertaining. Even the days and times have been shifted with this in mind, making it more of a global event than ever before.

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LIVE ZBrush Sculpt-Off

In previous years, you’ve watched industry luminaries compete for the coveted championship title. This year, it’s YOUR turn. In celebration of our amazing community, we are opening the opportunity to the public to compete online in the 2020 LIVE ZBrush Sculpt-Off.

Contestants will be required to stream live for the duration of the competition. All ZBrush users are welcome to participate, including users of ZBrush (including Trial version), ZBrushCore or ZBrushCoreMini.

If you can stream your work session live, you’re eligible to be featured in the live event!

Visit the ZBrush Summit website for more information.

Watch on ZBrushLIVE

presentations schedule

The Summit Schedule is now available! Click Here to see what’s coming. All times are for Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles).

Remember that we are changing the format this year with not only the days, but the times as well. This was done to help make life easier for our global audience to tune in. Here is a handy site that will let you convert to your local time, wherever you may be.

Watch on ZBrushLIVE


Throughout the ZBrush Summit Presentations we were periodically giving away special prizes from our Summit sponsors.

If you were a winner, please be patient. We will be contacting all winners by email, but it may take up to two weeks after the Summit to reach everyone.

Good luck!


@PixoPaul I was wondering if alphas are ok for the sculptoff

WESTART @PixoPaul I was wondering if alphas are ok for the sculptoff

That would be covered under #14 of the rules:

  1. BRUSHES: You are allowed to use any sculpting brushes you want during the contest, except for custom Insert Mesh brushes.

Are we allowed to make custom IMM brushes from scratch during the stream?

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I forgot to display the sculpt-off badge during my stream. Does this affect my eligibility for the sculpt-off competition?

Impossible for me to fill out the Give Away form. No matter what i do it only tells me Something went wrong. :frowning: