Zbrush Summit 2015: Artists Recap

Hey everyone!

I think we can all agree that this year’s Zbrush Summit (2015) was a great success, but not everyone got the chance to see what all the amazing artists showed during the event. On the behalf of the people of Pixologic, here is a thread dedicated to any artist that did a presentation, a workshop or simply participated in the sculpt-off contest and wish to share what they presented/modeled during the event. If you fit that category, please feel free to post it here :slight_smile:

Here is a sample of the artist present at the last day of the event!


For those who did participated in the Workshop from Keos Masons (Marco Plouffe and Cedric Seaut) here is a demontration of what was shown…


This model was done in preparation for the Workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to show how to, within about 4 hours, be able to conceptualize a line-up of characters, pick one and polish it using a little techniques we found recently, then render it in Keyshot and comp it in Photoshop.

This is an example of the process.

This is the actual model that was modeled live during the Workshop.

Also for those who were not able to attend our presentation, we talked a lot about were we come from and why we decided to start our own company together. Also we showed a couple of tips and tricks for modeling and conceptualizing in Zbrush.

Most of my tricks were taken from my recent tutorial on my was character. You can find the tutorial here for those who don’t know: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?165700-Splash-Zone-Artwork-doodles-n-WIPs/page12&highlight=splash+zone


I also showed a sneak-peak of my most recent work in progress.

So other things were shown but some will be shown later, and others we unfortunately didn’t save our progress or we can’t put them on the internet unfortunately!


Me and Cedric also the chance to participate in the sculpt-off. After the contest I took some time to rework my model a bit but essentially keep what was done during the contest.


Here is the Zbrush model of my character.


Here is the final image after I revisited it.

floral contest.jpg

Here is the original image from the contest.

ced contest.jpg

And here is Cedric’s model from the contest!




Hi. Here is my final render from the sculpt off competition.
I do to want to go back and rework it :slight_smile:

Impressive works in here. Looking forward to seeing more of the guitar player guys, the mechanical parts design is really cool.

hey kinda embarrassing looking back at all this, but here it is.

so I started with just trying a bunch of different ideas


then I liked elephants so I started to just do that as fast as i could, all these in about 2 hours.











op and then the final… pressure changes alot


peace, andy

its really cool to see the preparation!

I’ve just realized the main image in the ZBSee main forum page is not gonna change since I started the thread so here is a titlecard for this thread!


I had an absolute BLAST being invited to participate in the sculpt off!

Originally, I was going to do an insect of some sort, focusing on electron microscope imagery, but then a few days before the event I changed my concept to a mech monkey.

I banged out a few concepts on the iPad and found the design language I was after. I then did 2 quick test runs.


The day of the contest, I did three quick pages in my sketchbook right before we started, as I was still unsure what design I wanted to do for the suit bust.


I’m definitely going to revisit this character in the future. Not being an IMM brush guy (yet) I felt that the interior lights and rim clasps are competing with each other. I have other ideas ready to explore.

After I got home late Friday night, I decided to prep the piece for 3d printing. (Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment) I had to do quite a bit of cleanup, as the back of the character was loose and open. After separating out elements and creating a key slot for the neck, I set off a 19hr 21min print on a Zortrax M200 that I’m evaluating. The print had some stringiness between the two pieces and I had to do a bit of clean up Saturday night, but the forms all came out nicely. I’ll re-prep the piece (removing the hoses and printing those separately) and try another test print this weekend.

Next post will be my KEOS MASONS creation!






This was the final image after 3 hours


Prepping the 3d print late Friday night:


Brian Wade wanted to take a picture with my mechMonkey!






On Sunday, I got to attend the KEOS MASONS (Marco Plouffe and Cedric Seaut - two of my favorite ZBrush artists) workshop.

I had no idea going in what to do - I thought we would be following along to provided assets, but then we were off exploring ideas with Cedric first.


Then Marco took over, did the final polish and brought the image in Keyshot for final render. Since I’ve been on the Keyshot 6 beta - and having created their new Keyshot 6 avatar - I was pretty comfortable during the rendering portion.


The tips and tricks I picked up over the 4 hours was worth the price alone. The fact I was able to crank this out so quickly gets me excited to start implementing these techniques into my pipeline.

Truly the most intense, creative and inspirational 3-days I’ve ever spent. Can’t wait for Summit 2016!






really amazing

My submission for the live sculpt off. Thought I’d get in the Halloween spirit with a re imagining of a childhood myth. Had a lot of fun and it was awesome getting to meet a bunch of artist’s who I’ve always admired. Props to everyone who came out!

My biggest Hats off to all the folks who participated in the ZSummit SculptOff!
for this post, and as I felt in the live event, my render fell entirely short… So, I’ve taken a little time on the event-model and spruced it up beyond where it was.
No changes to model, just the render at a higher res. I’ll also include the test sculpt’s render (having sculpted the night previous to event). As well, a few prep sketches on form language.

Model: ZB + KS + PSCC
Sketches: Brush Pen on Paper






I really love this perspective work. Absolutely great work!


Nice! I was hoping to see those sketches you made during the Summit Tony :wink:

Thanks, Marco! haha, Makes me think I should do a series of thumbs, and then quick silhouette zSketches to flush them out, and make a sort of contact sheet of little sculpts for vis dev!

My entry for the sculpt-off, this was created on the fly so no sketches.