Zbrush Sketch(Gabriel Paula)

Hello guys.
My name is Gabriel Paula and here is my most recent study, done during the “Magic the Challange”. The idea was to make the 3D model based on a card from “Magic the Gathering”. I chose the card “Goblin Warchief” which has an original illustration by the artist Karl Kopinski.
The modeling of this character was made 100% in Zbrush. For the render I used Keyshot and for post-production, I used Photoshop.

Here are some angles of the model.

I took the opportunity to study materials creation, lighting and rendering in Keyshot. You can check 4 examples. Keyshot is amazing software.

To contribute to the community, I decided to do two mini tutorials.:slightly_smiling_face:
In the first one I show how I used the new Spotlight to quickly drill the holes in the helmet.

In the second, I show how to make details on ropes using “Zremesher”, “UV Master” and “Noise Maker”.


Good use of Spotlight Gabriel :blush: as well as the other features. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks Jaime:) The new Zbrush tools are amazing!

Great job, Gabriel!

I decided to finish an old model. Once again, I did all the modeling in Zbrush, rendering in Keyshot and composition in Photoshop. I will post more pictures soon.
3D model based on a The Witcher 3 concept.

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Looking great Gabriel! :slight_smile: