ZBrush sculpts by Yury Uvarov

Hi, everyone!

This is my first post here. I’m fairly new to ZBrush and now I’m dedicating a lot of time to polish my skills, so I decided to share some of the sculpts that I did in the last month. Hope you’ll like it. Any critiques and comments would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Oak tree:


Old ruins:


I especially like the tree … nice clean sculpt. Look forward to more work! :smiley:


your tree looks very promising. agreed, nicely detailed. your image inspires me to pick up z4 again more often.

i like your tree. :wink:

Thank you, guys! :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! Here’s a new project I’m currently workign on. This is a combination of 3ds max + ZBrush + Decimation Master + Mantal Ray rendering. I modelled the base high poly model in 3ds max and then exported some of the pieces into ZBrush for some detailing and after that, using Decimation Master, I exported those pieces back into 3ds max for final rendering.

Great stuff Yury. Very cool.


Thank you, EZRA52. :slight_smile:

I wanted to practice some more hard surface sculpting in ZBrush, so I decided to make this Templar Sword

That sword is fantastic

Thank you, BOATDUDEGUY1 :smiley: