Zbrush scripts are not automatically compiled on startup anymore

I have some severe problems with zbrush4r8 i never had with 4r7.
Maybe someone had similar problems and knows how to solve those.
It got really annoying by now.

Usually zbrush compiled the .txt-files automatically to .zsc format on startup.
That doesn’t happen anymore for me.
And some of the .zsc seem not to get loaded on startup anymore, i need to loadScript them again to make them showup.
Do others have the same problem with zbrush4r8p2 here ?

another thing is that for some reason a script or whatever is causing that (i copy scripts/brushes/uiConfig from work to my zbrush at home) and zbrush startsup with a lot of warnings were the standardPlugins of zbrush can not write anymore in their folders (zbrushdata/zstartup/…) and i will have a VMEM folder in my zbrush4r8 folder were the stuff is in that is usually in the c:\Users\Public\Documents\ZBrushData\ folder.
When that happens, i can’t get zbrush to work without errors on startup anymore even when i reset everything to the state it was after a clean installation (i saved the fresh folders of the zbrush4r8 folder and the c:\Users\Public\Documents\ZBrushData\ folder)) but restoring those folders to that state does not even fix that. i need to unistall zbrush remove all what is left of the folders manually. And do a reinstall to make zbrush start without errors anymore.
I wonder were zbrush stores the information that makes it errorOut on startup.
Does somebody have issues with that as well?

Besides that zbrush4r8 (r7 never did that for me) resets scaleValues from time to time when i export or import stuff.
Very annoying.

Thanks, and have a nice day.

Knowing where they are saved and what those scripts are supposed to do might help get it sorted out.

I still don’t know what causes the problem that it would not use the ZBrushData folder in public and instead create a VMEM folder in the zbrush4r8 folder instead with mostly the same files in it (except for that ZPluginData folder, which causes all the plugins of zbrush to warn that they can not write because the folders aren’t there ).

But i workedaround the pluginIssues by copying the files from the public
c:\Users\Public\Documents\ZBrushData\ZPluginData\ into the zbrush4r8 folder and the warnings at startup stopped.