ZBrush Revisited


Here is another one done in version 1.1 with some post work in painter to clean up the detail edging. Mix of 2.5 and 3d drop in with heavy alpha texture bumping. Enjoy

That’s beautiful Vel. Amazed that you are still using 1.1, though. Just goes to show that this software has been a wonderful tool since day one, and that the 2D aspect is just as useful as the 3D aspect. DeeVee would like this a lot.

Im pleased you enjoyed it, as to still useing 1.1 I was one of the unlucky ones with windows problems and the protection sceem used back then makeing the software for later versions unuseable. Thin Life work and various other things I just didnt make it back here to see how ZB had advanced untill a few days ago now I have the old oh WOW running strong again and am saving my pennys to update to Version 3.

I do use the 3D aspects of version 1.1 a lot most in working morph targets for my 3d modeling work.


Hi there,
this is really great! Looks like a real painting.I like it very much!
Also the other one .Beautiful colors on this one.:+1: :sunglasses: :+1:
Could you say a little more about your technique(s),please?

I would love a tutorial on how you did these there are awesome!:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Very atmospheric painting! I can only agree with the others, Do share some inside pointers on your technique!:smiley:


Im in the middle of relocating so it will be a month or so before I have the time to do a Tut justice. I promiss that once im settled and back online I will give you all the steps i used to create both of these pictures. I will even do it in the demo virsion so the interface and tools are up to the standards and settings everyone is used to now.


…with the ZB1.1 you are very talentuous! :slight_smile:

That is a photo. not a ZBrush creation

Nope it isnt a photo it is all put to gether in zbrush. This one has far less painting in it than the first one. It containes if memory serves 18 diferent high res tree models. placed scaled and droped in place untill i was happy with it. the water is alfa bumped then smothed and blured for the look i wanted. The clouds are multiple layers of transparencies and painter post work. this is just a slightly more indepth explanation of the open statment when I posted it. If you look closely and think about what your looking at with the abouve explanations of what was used to create this still shot. The rest of how it was done should be easy to derive sence the software use to create it has been listed and all of the tools for the most part are standard in painting programs and the base ZBrush modeling tools.

Toodls Vel

ZBrush 3 will be a free upgrade for all license holders, regardless of what version you currently have. ZBrush 2 is already available as a free upgrade. Send an email to support@pixologic.com with your user information, and upgrade instructions will be sent to you.

Wow wow wow

I can upgrade Gasp thank you so much for that info I have trying to rob from peeter and paul to figure out how to put together the purchase price.

I will email for sure for the dl and upgraid info now to find the origanal purchase info lol its nearly 7 yrs old and probobly packed now :frowning:

WOOT Got the reply and downloaded version 2 :slight_smile: will have to caqll tomorrow to activate it as the activation hangs up after the IE screen says its activated. Fingers crossed there isnt any problem with this :slight_smile:

Toodles Vel

This is breathtaking. Really. Did you use references when painting.
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Vlad

No in this picture I didnt need any referinces as it is a location near Lincon NB that hold very fond and vivid memorys for me with a very dear friend that is no longer with us.

I am pleased you enjoyed the piece.


Waiting for Email reply on the upgraid info Fidget squarm fidget !


Cool, Looking forward to it. :+1:

I still find this very difficult to believe.

If I’m wrong then take it as a complement.

But it’ll take more than a 640x445 pixal image to convince me this is a product of an early version of Zbrush.

Dont take it personally, I deal with enhanced photos quite often. So I hope you understand my skepticism

Well Vel returns with more stunning images :+1:

I see that we have a doubting Thomas amongst us…

Zbrush ver 0.98 … ver 1.00… ver 1.1… 1.23 always had the usual art brushes etc that other reasonably priced Art software had. It was the 3D sphere that gave us headaches.

The image thumbnailed… while not anywhere as fine as Vel’s was done from memory in Ver 1 (ish). Those versions were fine for artwork.

There was also a running thread of fine landscapes… under the heading (I think) of Terrain… something like that… Juandel produced some very fine images back then in that thread.



I still find this very difficult to believe.

18 different high res tree models

…alpha or textures are “photos” itself —> it’s like photo montage collage :slight_smile:
Just the result is efficient :slight_smile:

Yes a part of me is a doubting Thomas.

But I hope you can make me a believer.


Frenchy Has the right of it in this picture. This one is basicly a layored composit with very little actual painting involved.
It has 4 seperat rows of trees createing the tree line. something else to mention here is these started life as 5kx3k ish pictures to generate the detale you see here then reduced to useable levels. All of my high rez work is done in this resolutions or above. It will be interesting to see how well ZBrush 2 work as i cant seem so far to get it to go over 4090 but then i have only hit the double key in the very few minuts i have had to play with it sofar.

Unforunitly I no longer have the oridganals of these or the works I posted on Zacadamy, the predacessor to ZCentral or i would find a loc to post them.

As a side note I work in the film industry as a mat painter for landscaping lay in work. I also do 3d work for the same.
Our doubting Thomas can doubt and it happens a lot with my work so no bigie. I will do the tutorieal from start to finish and create a new pic during the process to show how this can be done fairly easaly. Most high res like this is an exsesize in nit picky teadium more than exseptonal skill and the understanding of the software you are useing with a well visualised project in mind.



3 days and counting down to no more computor and hiting the road for the move.