ZBrush Quick Tips and Tutorials

Welcome to my ZBrush Quick Tips and Tutorials thread! I will be posting new and updated tutorials and quick tips here and taking suggestions for things you would like me to make, demonstrate, or explain. I am really looking forward to interacting with the community and engaging with fellow ZBrush artists!

If you want to learn something specific, just leave a comment and I will do my best to get that content going. I am also happy to answer questions and share what I can. With all that out of the way, here is the first Zbrush Quick Tip I’ve made for this thread:

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excellent tutorial. I learned a lot and look forward to your next one. I appreciate you don’t have a lot of “uhm…uh” in your speech, and the steps are well planned out. Your enunciation is good which should help non native English speakers understand. My only suggestion is that you increase the pace of your speech a little bit. Joseph Drust has hit a good level of that. Joel Haas, sculptor

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Thanks for the feedback! I definitely appreciate it. I am working on scripting my videos so I can include closed captioning as well. Thanks again!