Zbrush Poser Morphing Tutorial...

Hi all.
I’ve had some folks asking about morphs between Zbrush and Poser so I thought I would create a new tutorial explaining how to make the two programs handshake sucessfully.

Visit my website tutorials page and the download is there for you.

Happy morphing! :smile:

Thank you so much for your tutorial. I followed it easily enough despite my very infrequent use of ZBrush and I had the necessary Scaler software already. My thought is the whole process is way more tedious than it ought to be. It would be nice to have a script (a script recorder would be nice) to do all the steps you did to prep for morphing inside Poser (zero, turn off IK etc), scaling is quick enough with the little application but I think ZBrush ought to be able to accurately do the scaling as part of the importing and exporting process per a setting in the import/export dialog.

ZBrush could also use a script to set the figure up for morphing (all the stuff you checked and unchecked) and when done, another script to set it up for exporting every group in the model by the group name to a location of the user’s choice.

Then Poser needs a python script to ask you to locate the obj files with the morphs so it can load the morph files for the figure you have loaded, set the morphs to a number of your choice (optionally) and continue until all morphs are loaded. When I see all that repetitive stuff to complete a simple morph, it really frustrates me. Computers were designed to do boring repetitive tasks!

Those sound like great ideas Diana.
There already is a Poserscaler in the scipts forum.

As far as the other ideas it will have to come from someone better than I, coding baffles me and I’m okay with that. :wink:

Just wanted to say thanks…other zBrush/Poser tutorials I’ve seen were pretty bad and I have to say this one was very well done and informative. I also would like to thank the author for taking time to create the video and post it.

You are very welcome. If you really want to dive in deep then this tutorial shows everything!


just simple, please, like 1,2,3 how to export as obj from Zbrus mesh I made.thanks

well. i’m still new in zbrush
i tried to follow your video. but i had problem when i tried to load morph target in poser. it said: the target geometry has wrong number of vertices

what’s up with that? and how the things should go correctly?

thank you

When you recieve the wrong number of verts error, you have either:

1- Imported the wrong body part to Poser
2- Did not go back to 1st sub-division level before exporting from ZB

What body part are you recieving the error from?


i already set the sub-div level to 1, but i still get the error message


This tutorial is just what I was looking for, brilliant. However you mentioned in the tutorial that there was software available that could do this with two clicks. Could you shed some more light on this comment?

Could you also advise which software package I can use on the Mac (OSX) in place of Morph Manager, which is aimed at PC?

My workflow will include importing Poser models into ZBrush, editing and then bringing back into Poser for posing, ready to be placed into Vue and then finished in Photoshop.

Thanks again